5 best automatic Minecraft farms for XP in 2021

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
Manish Kumar Choudhary

Experience points are a necessary resource in Minecraft. Players use XP for naming name tags, enchanting books, repairing tools and gear.

Without XP farms, manually grinding XP can be annoying. There are various ways to get experience points in Minecraft, such as breeding, trading, killing mobs, and more.

XP farms are divided into three types: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. Out of all three of these, automated XP farms are the most efficient. Check out some of the best automatic XP farms in Minecraft.

Five best automatic Minecraft farms for XP

#5 - Classic Mob Tower XP Farm


Classic Mob Tower is one of the oldest XP farms in Minecraft. When the light level is below seven, hostile mobs like zombies, creepers, and skeletons start spawning. In this farm, players have to build a big dark room for spawning mobs.

After the mobs spawn, they fall into a water stream leading them to a tall tube. These mobs fall through the box and are just one hit away from their death. Players can farm XP as well as various mob drops. Players can use an auto-clicker to farm XP automatically.

#4 - Spawner zombie/skeleton XP Farm


Players can discover mob spawners inside dungeons. These dungeons contain either a zombie or skeleton spawner. Mob spawners spawn mobs only if any player is within a 16 block radius.

Using spawners, players can create XP farms. YouTuber Shulkercraft showcases a simple spawner-based XP farm and how to make it step-by-step.

#3 - Bamboo+Cactus smelting XP Farm


Smelting is a fantastic way to farm XP easily in Minecraft. This farm is pretty simple and easy to build. Players have to make a bamboo farm and a cactus farm and then connect them to a furnace.

Bamboo is used as fuel for smelting cactus into the green dye. Experience points from smelting keep automatically accumulating inside the furnace.

#2 - Zombie Piglin Farm


Zombie piglin farms are famous for producing tons of gold, but they are also a fact source of XP in Minecraft. Players can farm XP by just AFKing on these farms. This gold farm design can take a player from 0 XP level to 30 in a few minutes.

#1 - Enderman Farm


Enderman is among the highest XP dropping mobs. These mobs spawn everywhere in the end realm. Due to being the only natural spawning mob, players can create highly efficient mob farms in the end realm. It can take a player from 0 to 30 XP levels in one minute.

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