5 best blocks to try in Minecraft 1.18 update

Minecraft 1.18 contains a plethora of new gameplay updates (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft 1.18 contains a plethora of new gameplay updates (Image via Mojang)
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The Minecraft 1.18 update contains one of the largest terrain updates that has ever been implemented into Minecraft as a whole. Featuring new build limits, mobs, and items, it is no surprise that players have been hotly anticipating this update.

One of the main parts of this update is the new or updated blocks that have been added to the game. Although it's true that some of these blocks were technically available within 1.17, they were generally not accessible without cheats or creative mode. They are now naturally generated, and many are even a common sight to stumble across when exploring.

Top 5 Minecraft blocks in the 1.18 update to check out

5) Azalea Tree


The Azalea block and the Azalea tree were both added as part of the Minecraft 1.17 update. However, they were previously completely unable to generate. This was due to the fact that Azalea trees only spawn above a lush cave biome, which only now generates thanks to the Minecraft 1.18 update.

In terms of functionality, Azalea can be used to pollinate bees and can also be used in furnaces as fuel. Furthermore, using bone meal on an Azalea block will give a 45% chance to grow a completely new tree.

4) Dripstone


While it's true that the Dripstone block could be found very rarely when playing the Minecraft 1.17 update, it's now much more commonly stumbled across. This once rare block now forms in great abundance within a Dripstone cave.

Within these Dripstone caves, players can find not only regular Dripstone blocks but also pointed Dripstone, which tend to hang as a stalactite within the cave and also lay on the ground as a stalagmite. All in all, thanks to the Minecraft 1.18 update Dripstone is much more prevalent within the game.

3) Moss blocks


Again, this block was added in the 1.17 update but did not generate naturally as it is only found in 'lush' caves. These caves were not generated within 1.17, but they do in the new 1.18 update.

In terms of functional uses, moss blocks serve a few key usages. The main one is to finally provide a way for players to craft mossy cobblestone and mossy stone bricks, both of which could not be crafted by players prior to this update. Last but not least, moss blocks can also be crafted into moss carpets.

2) Powder Snow


Powder Snow is a new trap block added to the 1.17 update but again did not naturally generate until 1.18. Now, once this block is stepped on, players will move much slower while walking and will eventually start freezing.

Once frozen, players will notice their FOV lowered, hearts changed to a cyan color, and that they will begin taking damage. The damage done to a player is 1HP (ÂŊ heart) per 40 ticks (2 seconds). However, wearing any piece of leather armor will prevent this effect.

1) 'Otherside' Music Disc


'Otherside' is a new music disc that was added to the Minecraft 1.18 update. Unlike some music discs, it actually spawns naturally and can be found within strongholds or very rarely within a dungeon.

In terms of musical composure, this disk was created by artist 'Lena Raine' and gives off an upbeat melody once placed inside a jukebox. Overall, it's the perfect cheerful disk to use when playing on a Minecraft 1.18 server with friends in order to produce a feel-good and happy vibe.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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