5 best farming mods for Minecraft

A huge farm made by u/Luxaholic (Image via Reddit)
A huge farm made by u/Luxaholic (Image via Reddit)
Rohan Jaiswal

Players have many pleasurable tasks to do in Minecraft, and farming is one of them. They can grow crops by planting seeds on a dirt block that has been turned into farmland using a hoe.

Farming is fun, but it has been the same in Minecraft for a long time. Because of which many veterans and old Minecraft players have gotten bored of the farming mechanics of the game. To make it interesting again, players can try farming mods.

Below is a list of the five best farming mods for Minecraft.

Farming mods for Minecraft

5) Gardening Tools

This amazing mod adds three new main items: irrigation core, cultivator, and trowel planter. The irrigation core can hydrate farmland blocks above and below it. Using the cultivator, players can till multiple dirt blocks in a row to transform it into farmland in one strike, and the trowel planter can be used to plant many seeds in a row like the cultivator.

4) Thermal Cultivation

Thermal cultivation adds more tools to Minecraft that improve the player's farming experience. Players will be able to use watering cans of different types to store water and use it on plants to increase their growth rate. There are various types of cans in this mod that have different capacities of water.

3) Farming for Blockheads

Market block (Image via curseforge)
Market block (Image via curseforge)

By installing the Farming for Blockheads mod, players will be able to use cool farming utilities such as chicken nests and fertilizers. This mod also adds a market block with a villager behind it that sells seeds and saplings, and they can be configured to add more trades.

2) Mystical Agriculture

Using this mod, players can use crops to grow resources that are used to make materials, tools, armor, and more. Players can also obtain almost everything from agriculture in this mod. There are five tiers of new armor in this mod, and tier 5 armor can be upgraded with charms.

1) Pam's HarvestCraft

Pam's HarvestCraft is one of Minecraft's most expansive farming mods and has over 66 million downloads on CurseForge. It adds new food items, recipes, farming additions such as materials and crops. HarvestCraft has 60 new crops, 36 new fruits that usually grow on trees, and a total of 1300 new items.

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