5 best Minecraft mods for better villages

Millenaire mod (Image via u/money6543 on Reddit)
Millenaire mod (Image via u/money6543 on Reddit)
Rohan Jaiswal

Villages are a significant part of Minecraft and can highly affect a player's survival journey. Villagers reside inside villages and can become different traders. Players can deal with them using emeralds. Villages can be found in most biomes and are a good source of items for the first few days of a survival world.

Even though Minecraft received a village update with version 1.14, the villages in Minecraft have become quite dull for many players. Therefore, to bring some changes, players can use mods. Mods are external programs that alter existing game features and add more things to the game.

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Mods that improve villages in Minecraft

5) Guard Villagers

A villager with an iron sword and leather armor (Image via curseforge)
A villager with an iron sword and leather armor (Image via curseforge)

Players that enjoy living in villages and upgrading them have always had one problem. When the night comes, the villagers are attacked by hostile mobs, and they end up dying.

Making a wall around the village is a boring way of fixing the problem. But with the Guard villagers mod, the players will not have to worry about protecting villagers as they fight for themselves.

4) EasierVillagerTrading

As the name suggests, the Easier villager trading mod is designed to improve the villager trading system and has more than a million downloads on curseforge. Using this mod, players can speed up trading with villagers a lot. With this mod installed, clicking on trade will execute it at once instead of just preparing it.

3) Minecraft Comes Alive (MCA)

An armorer with a unique skin (Image via curseforge)
An armorer with a unique skin (Image via curseforge)

Players looking to add more personality to Minecraft villagers must try Minecraft Comes Alive mods. Minecrafters can interact with villagers in various ways, such as chatting, and build relationships with them.

Every villager is unique as this mod has 250 different skins for them. Players can marry other players in SMP and LAN and have children. They will eventually grow up and can marry to have children of their own.

2) Recurrent Complex

Image via curseforge
Image via curseforge

Villages in Minecraft have been the same for a while now. To spice things up a bit, players can use Recurrent Complex mod. This is a cool mod that adds over 200 unique structures like pyramids to the game. Village structures in this mod are a lot bigger, which makes them look like small towns.

1) Millénaire

Millénaire is a fantastic mod that has been designed by its developer to fill the emptiness of villages. The mod adds villages based on the 11th century populated by men, women and children. The villagers live their own life normally and do everyday work such as upgrading the village buildings and crafting weapons.

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