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5 best Minecraft 1.17 update seeds in 2021

The 5 best world seeds for the 1.17 Minecraft update (Image credit: YouTube, xisumavoid)
The 5 best world seeds for the 1.17 Minecraft update (Image credit: YouTube, xisumavoid)
Edward Hays
Modified 23 Mar 2021
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Minecraft 1.17, which has been appropriately titled as the "Caves & Cliffs" update, is currently available in early release snapshot editions for Minecrafters to get a taste of.

Primarily, as the name suggests, the 1.17 update sets out to improve the structural generation of cliffs, mountains, and caves. Players are expecting a myriad of new content to be added to the game.

Eager players are able to use Minecraft 1.17 snapshots and explore the fantastic seeds listed below at their own will. Many of these seeds will also include new content unseen within the previous versions of Minecraft.

Note: This article reflects the opinions of the writer only, the views of others may be different.

5 best seeds for Minecraft version 1.17 in 2021

#5 4 Villages, Desert Temple & Ruined Portal at Spawn

This seed was found on Minecraft version 1.17, snapshot version 20W46A. What makes the seed highly unique is mainly the incredible fact that it generates four separate villages, each with a close proximity to spawn.


If this wasn't enough to wow players, they can also discover a Desert Temple and even a ruined portal near spawn.

Seed: 2985732287620474688

#4 Woodland Mansion + Mega Taiga Village next to Ice Spike Biome

This seed features a village intersecting with a rare mega taiga biome, creating a large, almost rustic feeling taiga village with a unique aesthetic unseen by typical villages.

Although impressive, this isn't even close to everything the seed offers. Players can also discover a rare ice spike biome near the Taiga village, with an infamously rare woodland mansion structure also close by.

This seed was found for Minecraft version 1.17, specifically snapshot 20W48A.


Seed: 3193661100541711506

#3 Spawn inside a village enclosed inside a valley

In this next seed, players find themselves spawned inside a pretty standard-looking village. The catch here is that this village is encased inside a massive valley structure, also featuring a rare shattered savanna biome on one side.

The version this seed was discovered in is Minecraft 1.17 snapshot 20W46A.

Seed: -440376300492410791

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#2 Exposed Stronghold with Amethyst Cluster and Ocean Temple

This Minecraft 1.17 seed was found in snapshot version 20W45A. Specifically, the seed offers players a rare exposed stronghold, an amethyst cluster and an ocean temple, all within close vicinity to spawn.

Ultimately, this makes the seed a great choice for survival mode, as players won't have to trouble themselves with the inevitable task of locating a stronghold in order to travel to the End dimension.


Seed: -2102555727535557493

#1 Village consumed by Woodland Mansion

This final seed is unique to say the least. The seed was discovered in Minecraft version 1.17 (snapshot 20W46A) and features a rare Woodland Mansion structure.

This woodland mansion isn't like any other, however. It obnoxiously spawns right on top of a village, and actually inside a village hut itself. This makes for a quirky looking woodland mansion that almost comically towers in comparison to the tiny villager huts.

Seed: 2370968040788474224

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Published 23 Mar 2021, 22:26 IST
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