5 best animal food farms in Minecraft

Food farms (Image via Minecraft)
Food farms (Image via Minecraft)

In the nearly infinite world of Minecraft, players can find mobs everywhere. Almost every animal mob exists to be helpful for players, and right from the start, they provide resources like wool, leather, and food.

In Minecraft, food is a vital resource for survival. Users always have to keep their hunger bar charged and make sure it doesn't run out. However, dying out of hunger is rare as they can find food items nearly everywhere.

Rather than manually collecting food, players can build food farms to get an infinite supply of food easily.

Minecraft animal food farms

1) Honey farm

The 1.15 Buzzy Bees update introduced adorable bees to Minecraft, and like real-life bees, these mobs also create honey. When a beehive or bee nest is filled, gamers can use glass bottles to collect honey from it.

Drinking one honey bottle recovers six hunger, just like cooked chicken and steak. Using dispensers, observers, and hoppers, they can easily create a honey farm.

4) Cow farm

Cows are among the most common mobs in Minecraft. Early in the game, players can create a mob crusher to farm cows semi-automatically. Mob crushers use entity cramming to kill mobs quickly.

After dying, cows drop raw beef, which users can cook to make steak. This same design can also be used for farming pigs.

3) Chicken farm

Chickens have a unique behavior to drop eggs after certain intervals of time. These eggs can be used for spawning more chickens. A chicken farm works by collecting eggs from a bunch of chickens and then dispensing eggs to spawn baby chickens.

In this build, when these chickens grow into adults, their heads touch the lava, leading them to death. Players can also use a fox with a Fire Aspect sword to kill chickens.

2) Hoglin farm

Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update added hoglin, a powerful beast, to the Nether realm. Hoglins are capable of knocking users into the air and thus may throw them into the lava.

Hoglins look like a buffed-variant of pigs and also drop pork chop upon dying. Java Edition gamers can easily farm this mob by creating a spawning platform on the bedrock roof about crimson forests. As hoglins are scared of warped fungi, they can lure them into the traps.

1) Guardian farms

Guardians are hostile aquatic animals who drop prismarine shards, prismarine crystals, and raw cod on death. They are mainly farmed for their prismarine drops, but players can also get tons of cod.

Cooked cod recovers five hunger in Minecraft. It is not the best food item, but with a guardian farm, gamers will get hundreds of cod in just a few minutes, making it the most efficient food farm.

Food is undeniably the most crucial resource in a survival game like Minecraft. By building animal farms, users won't have to worry about obtaining food.

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