Top 5 most efficient guardian farms in Minecraft

Image via Youtube/Pixlriffs
Image via Youtube/Pixlriffs

Guardian farms are some of the most efficient farms in the game of Minecraft. Guardians drop items like prismarine shards, prismarine crystals, and even fish. They are also one of the best mobs in the game to farm experience points. With all of this knowledge, players love to build these farms. This article will be show some of the most efficient guardian farms, ranging from smaller versions to the most advanced ones.

Top 5 most efficient guardian farms in Minecraft

#5 - Easiest guardian farm with xp by Youtuber MineTheFab

In this video, MineTheFab shows off a very simple way of making a guardian farm. He claims that this farm only takes about three to four minutes to go from level zero to 30. To build this farm, players will need to find a guardian temple and gather soul sand, signs, glass, and some hoppers. The farm uses bubble columns to shoot the guardians up into the air and into a gathering spot. Most guardian farms in the past needed players to dig out a big chunk of the ocean, but the introduction of bubble columns in 1.13 update aquatic, changed the whole way that farms were made in Minecraft.

#4 - A simple guardian farm with nether portals

This design is somewhat similar to number five on this list as they both use bubble columns to bring the guardians to the surface level, but this one uses nether portals instead of an elevator to collect them. This video provides a ton of detail and explains how to build the farm step by step very clearly.

Youtuber Shulkercraft provides an exact amount of building materials needed for this farm. He also shows off a cool strategy to clear out the elder guardian using TNT blocks. The guardians are farmed in the nether and he uses campfires to automatically kill them, which is very unique. This farm is a player's favorite in Minecraft, for its simplicity and the very little material needed.

#3 - A bigger bubble based farm by Cubfan135

This farm is one of the very first to utilize the bubble columns added to the Minecraft aquatic update. It is a larger version of the other ones and it is one of the most efficient. This farm will cost players a lot more resources, but in the long run, it will be well worth it.

He states in the video that players will need about 1200 wooden gates which might seem intimidating to some. This farm is already a few years old, but it can still be made in the latest versions of Minecraft. To build it, players will need to find a guardian temple, clear it out and use lot of soul sand to create bubble columns that go into a water stream. The water stream leads to a drop-down where they go through a lava layer and eventually end up in the grinder area underground. Cubfan135 claims that this farm can get you to level 30 in about two minutes.

#2 - Gnembon's version of a very efficient guardian farm.

Number two on this list is where it starts to get complicated, but also the most efficient. Gnembon is very well known in the Minecraft community. He is known for his very unique and efficient farms.

In this video, he explains strategies about how guardians spawn and how they interact with the environments around them. With this knowledge, he was able to create one of the most efficient farms ever, that is still functional in the latest version of Minecraft.

To build this farm, players will have to dig out the entire guardian temple, drain it and create a big fish tank in the middle. Gnembon shows off lava layers that the guardians will fall through to where they will take enough damage to be killed instantly or one shot at the grinder underground. There are many customizable parts to this farm, which makes it one of the best in Minecraft.

#1 - The guardian gusher by Ray Works

This farm is in the number one spot because it is arguably the best guardian farm in all of Minecraft. Ray Works, just like Gnembon, is known in the Minecraft community for his very efficient farms. This farm produces 1,370,000 items per hour. The farm's strategy is to use nether portals and to squish the guardians as close to the portals as possible so that as soon as they spawn they are teleported into the nether. This maximizes the spawn rates of the guardians and creates an insane grinding rate. Only some of the most experienced Minecraft players will attempt to build something like this, but if a player does decide to do it, they will be more than satisfied with the results.

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