TNT in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Minecraft TNT can come in handy once in a while during the game.

Introduced during the Java 0.27 SURVIVAL TEST version of Minecraft in October of 2009, this block has since become famous.

TNT is commonly known as a tool used to grief in LAN and survival servers. Recently, it was used as a jump boost in skywars games.

What is Minecraft TNT Used For?

TNT in Minecraft is not limited to blowing up structures. It serves a few other purposes, such as trapping, crafting, mob farming, and as a component in cannons.


Traps in Minecraft serve a few purposes, such as protecting items and the player themselves or collecting items and mobs.

A common trap that utilizes TNT is a trapped chest, which triggers an explosion when the chest is opened. This is targeted towards other players looking to steal.

TNT Cannons

TNT cannons are a Redstone weapon that can defend a base or can be sneakily set up as a way to break into another person's base.

Mob Farms

If a player ignites TNT to kill a mob, their drops will remain after the victim has been eliminated. This can be useful for collecting items. For example, bones can be collected for bonemeal that hastens the growth of crops. This is also a great mob farm method to gather experience quickly.

Using TNT in Crafting

TNT can be used to craft a Minecart with TNT and Underwater TNT (Educational and Bedrock editions).

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Minecarts with TNT can be detonated with a delay of 1-4 seconds by running over one activated and rail powered by Redstone. TNT can also be detonated if it comes into contact with fire, lava, or is hit with a fire charge (Minecraft Java edition).

An instant detonation can be achieved with 3+ blocks falling on the weapon. Moreover, a flaming arrow, turning quickly on a railway, or hitting an entity/block with force can all be triggers

How to get TNT in Minecraft.

To use TNT, a player must have it available. There are a few ways to get it in Minecraft. It can be done by discovering them as a generated block, crafting, and breaking items.

World Generation

TNT generates naturally in desert temples designed to trap players. TNT is under the blocks in the room where the chest is located. These blocks can be broken to reveal TNT, which is up for grabs.


TNT can be crafted using five gunpowder and four sand/red sand.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Gunpowder can be obtained as a mob drop when a player kills creepers. Sand can be found in the desert or near water.

An Item Drop

When minecarts with TNT are broken, TNT is dropped as an item.


Minecraft TNT is ultimately an easy item to make and use. It's a fun block to explore and is often a crowd favorite.

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