5 best Minecraft builds for birthdays

Birthdays can be lots of fun to celebrate in Minecraft (Image via Youtube/AverageTuna)
Birthdays can be lots of fun to celebrate in Minecraft (Image via Youtube/AverageTuna)

Minecraft is one of the most popular games, and the reasons it is the favorite of many are evident. The game has an end goal, yet players can do whatever they want. After a while, it can be hard to find stuff to occupy yourself with, and many people build their own structures to keep things interesting.

Building your own structures can be fun, but borrowing someone else's work and using it as inspiration can be significant. This article will cover some of the best Minecraft builds for birthdays.

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Wizard Tower and 4 other fun ways to celebrate birthdays in Minecraft

5) Birthday Cake House


Suppose you're interested in creating an uncomplicated and delightful structure fitting for a birthday festival; search no more than this cake abode! It is effortless to style while lending itself well to embellishments such as blossoms, wicks, and additional adornments.

This build was created by the Minecraft YouTuber BuzzCraft, who did an incredible job at making a fantastic and easy-to-watch tutorial. Anyone looking to build this should most likely do so in the creative mode because building this in survival would require quite a lot of resources and time. Players should even consider building this on a creative server so that they can enjoy a birthday with other friends!

4) Custom Pathways


These custom pathways are fantastic for those looking to surprise someone and spruce up their survival world or survival server! Players can gather flowers and other materials to make the pathways look aesthetic.

A great item to use when setting up nice-looking pathways is lanterns to make the building stand out at night. The Minecraft YouTuber WaxFraud made this video tutorial.

3) Redstone Firework Contraption


For those with a passion for fireworks, this construction is ideal. It's straightforward to create and promises endless entertainment as your visitors witness the display of fireworks bursting into dazzling colors on their own accord! Players could construct a raised foundation using blocks: A higher platform means more spectacular views.

This build uses redstone to make the fireworks go off. The utilization of command blocks in this scenario presents an opportunity for the implementation of varying effects throughout your event. For instance, one block could activate a synchronized illumination across all fixtures while another governs their blinking pattern. It is within your realm to exercise creativity and flair when venturing through these endeavors. The YouTuber Maybee made this build.

2) Wizard Tower


The Minecraft world is yours to construct. You can use your creativity with blocks and make anything you desire, even entire cities, from scratch. A wizarding tower is fantastic because it possesses visual appeal while furnishing helpful attributes that will assist players when navigating more challenging parts within the game; It would seem like a remarkable feat for someone who enjoys survival tactics.

The famous YouTuber Zaypixel made this tutorial. This build looks incredibly majestic, like something straight out of a fairytale, as a wizard tower should. This birthday build is impressive for anyone who is a big fan of magic and witchcraft.

1) Ultimate Underwater Base


For those seeking adventure in Minecraft's underwater realm, the Ultimate Underwater Base presents an exceptional building opportunity. Its construction video makes it an excellent selection for celebrants with a penchant for constructing their own aquatic homes. This impressive building comprises various sections that can be easily pieced together using extremely detailed video instructions.

You'll first need an ocean biome with access to plenty of sand and older guardians to get prismarine (which can be found underwater). This fantastic build was constructed by the YouTuber IrieGenie.

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