5 best exclusive features in Minecraft: Education Edition 

Minecraft Education Edition has many unique features to assist learning (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Education Edition has many unique features to assist learning (Image via Mojang)
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Minecraft: Education Edition is a special version which is aimed primarily at schools and other learning facilities.

Although Minecraft provides a great platform, most of the game's teaching successes are achieved through exclusive classroom. This article will take a look at the best features that are exclusive to the educational version of Minecraft.

Top Features exclusive to Minecraft: Education Edition

5) Classroom Mode

Classroom mode is a neat feature that allows for easy administration on the end of the teacher. It comes with a high-level map view of the current in-game Minecraft world and provides a list of connected students as well.

Teachers can also use classroom mode to warp to their students in order to monitor their activity, including all chat messages.

4) Code Builder

Coding is a big part of Minecraft: Education Edition. Students can learn important computer programming elements emulated through the fun environment of Minecraft.

The concept revolves around "Agents", which can be programmed to do specific tasks and actions through an in-game code builder.

3) Chemistry

The periodic table in Minecraft Education Edition (Image via Minecraft)
The periodic table in Minecraft Education Edition (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft: Education Edition might just be the perfect sandbox to safely experience chemistry. Students can experiment with all of the elements on the periodic table and cause chemical reactions akin to real life.

They can also learn important information about the periodic table, including how it is categorized. Additionally, they can expand their knowledge on group element properties, and much more.

2) Classroom Collaboration

Up to 30 students (including a teacher) can collaborate with each other using Minecraft: Education Edition and that too, without setting up a server. This process is greatly simplified for the teacher.

The main advantage to this tool is that it provides a classroom scenario within Minecraft, allowing students to interact seamlessly with classmates.

This can help build students’ problem solving skills and make the classroom experience much more fun!

1) Special Blocks

By far, one of the coolest things seen in Minecraft: Education Edition is surely the exclusive set of blocks. While these blocks are mainly structural and don't serve too many functional survival uses, they are still pretty awesome and don't exist in regular Minecraft.

Those lucky enough to experience Minecraft: Education Edition can play around with new blocks such as:

  • Border Blocks
  • Allow & Deny Blocks
  • Structure Blocks

Students have indicated in past surveys that they feel Minecraft: Education Edition is able to provide an interactive, familiar, and overall fun environment to assist their learning experience. This is a testament to the game's multifaceted structure.

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