5 best Minecraft farms created by Mumbo Jumbo

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
Jourdyn Riley

Mumbo Jumbo is one of the best Minecraft redstone engineers, posting redstone oriented builds 3 times a week on his YouTube channel. He does a lot of solo builds, but is also active on the Hermitcraft SMP.

Some of his Minecraft videos include things like building bases, storage areas, redstone doors, redstone challenges, and so much more.

While all of Mumbo Jumbo's builds are absolutely amazing, down below are 5 of the best farms that Mumbo Jumbo has ever created!

Best Minecraft Farms by Mumbo Jumbo

#5 - TOO SMALL: MASSIVE Auto Wheat Farm

Too Small: Massive is a series by Mumbo Jumbo where he looks at typical-sized, Minecraft builds, although some can be considered 'too small,' and makes them massive.

While the end result is something that most Minecraft players might not need, it is still an amazingly built contraption and can be considered one of Mumbo Jumbo's best builds due to its sheer size alone.

#4 - The ULTIMATE WITCH FARM TOUR! SciCraft Survival

In the video, Sci Craft members are giving Mumbo Jumbo and the viewers a tour of a witch farm. He opens by stating that his witch farm can produce about 4,000 items per hour, which is a crazy amount for an automatic farm.

Mumbo Jumbo brings in a couple of Scicraft members to help explain the purpose of the server, as well as to help explain Mumbo Jumbos farm to viewers.

#3 - Hermitcraft 4: Episode 149 - INDUSTRIAL WOOL FARM!

In this video, Mumbo Jumbo crafts an amazing and beautiful industrial wool farm. In Minecraft, wool can be used to create banners, beds, carpets and paintings. In Java Edition, wool can also be used as a fuel source, though it is not the greatest. Mumbo Jumbo goes above and beyond with this build and creates a massive, full-scale farm.

#2 - Hermitcraft 7: Episode 52 - QUAD INDUSTRIAL FARM

This video includes a couple of farms that Mumbo Jumbo has built on the Hermitcraft Minecraft server. Within the video, he builds fully automatic kelp and flower farms alongside an automatic tall flower farm and a nether wart farm.

Kelp can be used as a food source for the player, flowers can be used for dyes, and nether wart is used for potion brewing, meaning all of these farms are a necessity.

#1 - Hermitcraft 7: Episode 32 - MEGA GOLD FARM!

When Minecraft released the Nether update, where piglins were introduced, the demand for gold in Minecraft suddenly increased. Players can trade gold to the piglins in exchange for a random item - and will be attacked on sight by piglins if they are not wearing at least one item of gold armor.

This farm is very useful for mining gold, as Mumbo Jumbo does his best to make the farm absolutely massive.

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