5 best Minecraft farms for survival

Image via Wattles
Image via Wattles
Manish Kumar Choudhary

In Minecraft, players have to collect various resources in order to survive. There are three ways to get resources in this game: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual farming.

Automatic farms don't require players to work, whereas semi-auto and manual farms need players to farm resources. In survival, players always need food, tools, and various other items to live their life. Having some farms for survival saves the player's time and constantly provides different items,

This article shares some of the best farms for survival in Minecraft. Players can build these farms to increase their chances of survival.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 best Minecraft farms for survival

#5 - Bamboo Farm


Players can burn bamboo as fuel in Minecraft. Automatic bamboo farms are simple and easy to build. Fuel is required to cook food and smelt items. Players can connect a bamboo farm to their furnaces to make a semi-automatic smelter.

#4 - Villager-based Automatic Crop Farm


Villagers are one of the best mobs in the game. Players can turn an unemployed villager into a farmer by placing a composter near him. Farmer is an unusual villager compared to other villagers in Minecraft.

A farmer can plant seeds and harvest crops. When his inventory gets full, he harvests the crop but drops it on the ground. Using this mechanism, players can create automatic crop farms.

This farm can produce four crops: wheat, potato, carrot, and beetroot. Players can trade these crops or use them as food.

#3 - Iron Farm


Iron is a versatile resource in Minecraft. Players can use villagers to create automatic iron farms. When a group of villagers are scared, they spawn an iron golem for protection.

Players can use a zombie or pillager to scare villagers. Make a dedicated spawning platform for the iron golem, which leads them to a death chamber. Iron farms come in different sizes and designs with varying efficiency.

#2 - Raid Farm


Players can make a simple raid farm and get access to totems of undying. YouTuber Mysticat showcases an easy-to-build raid. This farm produces lots of emeralds, crossbows, and totems of undying.

The only requirement to make this farm work is a pillager outpost. Players have to kill the patrol chief, the guy holding the banner, to trigger a raid.

#1 - Zombie/Skeleton XP Farm


XP is a vital resource in Minecraft. Players can build a zombie/skeleton farm using the spawner found inside dungeons.

Players can use this farm to create an XP farm in Minecraft. Experience points are needed to enchant and repair books, hammers, and more.

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