5 best Minecraft Java farms for beginners

Image via YouTube/Mysticat
Image via YouTube/Mysticat
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In Minecraft, players will always find a variety of blocks and items. Most of the blocks can be obtained either by mining or crafting. Players can also build farms to get various items without putting in much effort.

Farms are categorized into three types: Manual, Semi-automatic, and Automatic. Manual farms require a player to do work using their hands, such as a crop plantation.

In semi-auto farms, players have to do small tasks and, in return, get the required resources quickly. Out of these three, automatic farms are the best because of their high efficiency and self-sustainability.

In the early days, most players will face a lack of resources.

This article shares some helpful automatic farms for beginner players on Java Edition.

Five best Minecraft Java farms for beginners

#5 - Iron Farm


Players can build an automatic iron farm by using villagers and one zombie. When a group of villagers are scared, they will spawn an iron golem for protection. Players can use this mechanism to create automatic iron farms. The farm uses flowing water to guide iron golems toward lava, where they will perish and drop iron ingots.

#4 - Zombie/Skeleton Spawner Farm


In Minecraft, dungeons are unique structures that contain a rare block called spawner. When a player is nearby, the spawner spawns mobs at certain intervals of time. Players can build a simple XP using this spawner. Depending on the spawner, it can also produce mob drops such as rotten flesh, bones, arrows, and more.

#3 - Classic Mob Tower


The classic mob tower is one of the oldest yet efficient mob farms in Minecraft. Players can build this farm using any building blocks. This farm exploits the natural mob spawning mechanism in the game.

When the light level is below 7, hostile mobs will start spawning. To make this farm, players will have to build a dark room for mob spawning.

#2 - Cobblestone Farm


This farm is not fully automatic, but players can use an auto clicker for auto mining cobblestone. When flowing lava touches flowing water, it turns into a stone block. Players can use this nature of lava to create a cobblestone farm in Minecraft.

#1 - Automatic Crop Farm


With the help of a villager, players can build an automatic crop farm in Minecraft. Farmer villagers have the unique ability to harvest crops and plant seeds. Even if their inventory is filled, they will still try to harvest the crop. But in doing so, they will drop the crop on the ground, which can be collected.

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