How to build a classic mob tower farm in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Classic Mob Tower farms are among the oldest mob XP farms in Minecraft. Even though it's old, this farm can still produce tons of XP and loot with just a small AFK session.

Hostile mobs in Minecraft like zombies, skeletons, and creepers spawn naturally if the light level is below seven. Players can use their spawning mechanism to create a mob spawning farm. This article is a guide on how to build a classic mob tower farm in Minecraft.

Building Classic Mob Tower farm in Minecraft

Items Required to build the farm:

  • Four Hoppers
  • Two Chests
  • Four slabs
  • Lots of building blocks(must be spawnable)
  • 8 Water Buckets
  • Few torches
  • 64 trap doors

Make the collection system

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The first step to build a mob tower farm is creating the collection system. Connect four hoppers to a double chest. Cover the top hoppers with slabs.

Players can use other blocks with a height lower than a complete block like trap doors, buttons, daylight sensors, etc. Hopper can collect items if the block above it has a height of less than one.

Build a tower going up 21 Blocks

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Build a 4x4 hollow tower going 21 blocks up. Mobs will fall through this hollow tube and land on the slabs. Players can use any building blocks to build the tower. After building the tower, build a spawning platform.

Mob Spawning Platform

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Make an 8x2 wide path on each side as shown in the image. These thin channels are going to be water flooded. Water will guide hostile mobs towards the center of the farm.

Now, make a two-block high wall around the water pathway. Once the wall is complete, place two water blocks on each side, as shown in the image. Make sure that the water is not falling.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Cover the rest of the platform with spawnable blocks. Mobs will spawn on these blocks. Place trap doors along the top edge of the blocks. In Minecraft, mobs consider trap doors as whole blocks and try to walk over them. Ultimately, mobs fall in flowing water and go to the killing chamber.

Cover the spawning platform

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Mobs will start spawning on the platform when the light level is below seven. Therefore, the next step is adding walls and ceiling. Build a two-block tall wall around the farm and add some torches so that mobs don't spawn during the building process.

After building the walls, add a ceiling over the spawning platform. Cover the top of the platform with torches to prevent mobs from spawning. Players can use bottom slabs to build the roof and save some resources. Remove the torches inside the spawning room.

That's it! The classic mob XP farm is complete and ready to use. Learn how to increase the efficiency of this farm.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Improving the Classic Mob Tower farm

This farm performs poorly if there are dark areas around the farm, as mobs will spawn there instead of spawning platform. To increase spawning rates, build this farm high above or in the middle of the ocean. If already made, light up the caves and dark areas inside a radius of 128 blocks.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Loot from this farm

Players can get the following items from the classic mob tower farm:

  • gun powder
  • rotten flesh
  • spider eye
  • string
  • arrows
  • bones
  • enchanted/unenchanted weapon
  • enchanted/unenchanted armour.
  • and lots of XP

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