5 best Minecraft mods for beginners

Minecraft modding doesn't have to be complex and can even suit beginners (Image via Minecraft)
Minecraft modding doesn't have to be complex and can even suit beginners (Image via Minecraft)
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Modding in Minecraft has remained popular ever since the game was conceived over a decade ago.

With tens of thousands of Minecraft mods freely available to download out there, players may often feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices they have.

Minecraft modding doesn't have to be complicated, and this guide will detail the five best mods suited to new players and Minecraft beginners alike.

5 best Minecraft mods that are most suitable for beginners

Here are the top five Minecraft mods for beginners:

5) WorldEdit

Download Here


When it comes to building in Minecraft, WorldEdit is perhaps the best tool that can possibly be utilized. This nifty mod allows gamers to make huge modifications effortlessly in their Minecraft world, thus saving hours of tedious block placing.

Also highly popular among Minecraft creative servers, gamers will soon find out that almost all of the epic Minecraft builds utilize WorldEdit in some form or another.

4) MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod

Download Here


MrCrayfish's mod is perhaps the most popular Minecraft furniture mod. As one may have guessed, it adds a plethora of new furniture and decoration items to Minecraft.

The mod is straightforward to use, and new players shouldn't have any trouble using it. What's more, is that there exists a beneficial discord community in which those new to the mod can easily get help if needed.

3) Just Enough Items (JEI)

Download Here


Just Enough Items is primarily an item and recipe viewing tool built for Minecraft from scratch, boasting a great level of speed and stability.

With this mod, gamers will find that they can navigate through Minecraft items much faster than the cumbersome creative menu. It's also helpful because it is compatible and often hooks directly into other Minecraft mods.

It should also be noted that this mod is currently the most popular Minecraft mod in existence, boasting an eye-watering 132 million unique downloads.

2) JourneyMap

Download Here


JourneyMap is a unique mod that allows players to enable real-time mapping of their Minecraft world, which can then be viewed in-game or via a web browser.

The installation process is very basic, and once set up it can pay dividends in helping beginner Minecrafters especially. Losing track of points of interest is a thing of the past with this helpful mod.

If players happen to encounter any difficulty during the setup process of this mod, they need not worry. This is because there is a plethora of different help tutorials available to take a look at.

1) AppleSkin

Download Here


With over 80 million unique downloads, AppleSkin goes on to show that sometimes quality really does win over quantity.

This small mod is great for beginners and sets out to provide more information about Minecraft's food mechanics in a clear and easy to digest way. More specifically, it adds food saturation information to tooltips, and the hunger bar. It also includes "visualization" tools that help players make better decisions on what food to consume.

These mods mentioned above are easy to use and install, and are perfect for all types of Minecraft beginners. Each one of the above mods is also highly popular and well tested, meaning players should have a smooth experience with each of them.

Readers looking for a little more of a challenge should also check out 5 of the hardest Minecraft modpacks here.

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