5 best Minecraft mods for building in 2022

Minecraft building mods are incredibly useful in large scale builds (Image via reddit, u/spiderswag44)
Minecraft building mods are incredibly useful in large scale builds (Image via reddit, u/spiderswag44)

Minecraft mods come in all shapes and sizes and can be grouped into categories. One such popular Minecraft mod category is building mods. These mods set out to primarily act as tools to assist players in building. Almost all professional Minecraft builders use building mods in one way or another. Furthermore, most large-scale epic Minecraft builds would be near impossible without them.

There are many building mods, but a few stand out among the rest as the best and are most widely recognized. This list will highlight 5 of the best Minecraft building mods:

Top 5 helpful Minecraft mods designed for building

5) WorldPainter


Download Here

WorldPainter is one of the most interesting Minecraft mods that has come out of the building community. To summarize the mod, it can convert images from a paint program, such as Microsoft paint, into Minecraft itself.

The mod is completely free to use and is fully open source. It's relatively easy to get the hang of quickly and is particularly useful in generating large natural-looking terrains.

4) Instant Buildings


Download Here

While building in Minecraft is fun, it can get rather tedious to build the same things repeatedly. This mod, titled "Instant Buildings," does precisely what its name suggests and sets out to allow players to create magnificent-looking buildings instantly.

As of right now, there are 20 different unique structures in which players can instantly build. These include:

  1. Weird Church
  2. Waterfall
  3. Tree
  4. Boat
  5. Bridge
  6. Barracks
  7. Gate
  8. Tower
  9. Lighthouse
  10. Fountain
  11. Barn
  12. Guard Post
  13. Snake Spawn
  14. Windmill
  15. House2
  16. Shop
  17. Old Church
  18. Docks
  19. Villager House
  20. Wall

3) Effortless Building


Download Here

"Effortless Building" focuses on making building a significantly less painful experience in Minecraft. There are many optimizations and quality of life features present, the most popular of which include:

  • Ability to easily replace placed blocks
  • Block randomizer for placing
  • Mirror building mode for building things symmetrically
  • Ability to copy and paste sections of a build
  • Functionality in both survival and creative game modes

Also, it includes 12 unique building modes that help optimize specific building areas.

2) VoxelSniper


Download Here

VoxelSniper is a map editing tool for Minecraft builders to use. It can be used for many different purposes, but most popularly, it allows players to edit any terrain texture using a brush tool.

As of right now, VoxelSniper can only be installed as a plugin, which may be a bit more complex than installing a mod. It can still be used in single-player but will need a server setup. Alternatively, players wanting to use VoxelSniper without installing it can play on one of many Minecraft creative servers.

1) WorldEdit


Download Here

WorldEdit is perhaps the most well-known Minecraft building mod of all time. It boasts tens of millions of unique downloads accumulated throughout its lifespan.

For those unaware, WorldEdit can perform massive operations with ease. This can save builders hours, or even days, thanks to the near-unlimited scale on which WorldEdit can operate.

Another widespread use case for WorldEdit is importing and exporting schematics. Players can use this feature to transfer their builds between different Minecraft worlds or directly import new ones downloaded from the internet.

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