5 best Minecraft mods for exploration

Minecraft exploration mods are an extremely popular genre (Image via Reddit, u/HalbeargameZ)
Minecraft exploration mods are an extremely popular genre (Image via Reddit, u/HalbeargameZ)
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Minecraft mods and modpacks have become increasingly popular over the years, with some of the most popular accumulating millions of downloads.

Many of the most popular Minecraft mods involve new epic features and landscapes to explore, expanding upon existing vanilla Minecraft features. The best exploration mods are free to download and provide hours of fresh content for players to enjoy.

5 Minecraft mods and modpacks that offer amazing new content to explore

Readers looking for some great exploration-focused Minecraft mods to play can check out the list below, highlighting 5 of the best.

5) Mowsie's Mobs


Mowsie's Mobs is a highly popular standalone Minecraft mod that primarily adds a plethora of high-quality and well-detailed mobs to Minecraft.

It's not just about adding new mobs, however, and those keen to set off on an exploration adventure can navigate epic new environments and structures unseen in vanilla Minecraft.

Also incredibly popular within Minecraft's modded servers, this mod remains great fun to play with friends in an online environment.

4) Biomes o' Plenty


When it comes to exploration, few things are more thrilling than discovering a new biome filled with unique mobs, blocks, and vegetation.

Featuring 80 new biomes and 12 sub-biomes, thanks to the Biomes o' Plenty mod, experienced Minecrafters can relive the magic of discovering an entirely new biome for the first time.

The huge range of content offered by this mod is simply amazing, and players will surely find themselves hard-pressed to get through it all.

3) Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons


Regarded as one of the hardest Minecraft modpacks ever made, Roduelike Adventures and Dungeons is not for the faint of heart and requires some serious skill to navigate.

Those brave enough to try out this mod, however, will be generously rewarded with an epic dungeon crawler-like experience. Featuring new mobs, structures, realms, and biomes, there's a huge array of content to explore in this mod.

2) Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse modpack is great for fans of Minecraft horror (Image via YouTube, GeorgeNotFound))
The zombie apocalypse modpack is great for fans of Minecraft horror (Image via YouTube, GeorgeNotFound))

Fans of Minecraft horror may be interested in this highly popular Zombie Apocalypse modpack.

The story of this modpack is such that a global virus has wiped out the majority of humanity and it's up to the player to stop the everlasting horde and not only survive, but thrive.

In terms of adventure and exploration, this modpack is second to none and provides a huge immersive universe for players to explore and uncover secrets within.

1) RLCraft


Avid Minecraft modders will likely need no introduction to RLCraft. This pack boasts almost 10 million downloads as one of the most popular (and hardest) Minecraft modpacks to ever be created.

Immediately upon playing this modpack it's clear exactly why it's risen to the top so quickly. It's simply well put together, competent, and overall just a fun experience that few other packs can match.

In terms of content, the modpack is almost solely focused around adventure and exploration, adding an array of new features that cater to those looking for a thrilling adventure.

Specifically, some such features include:

  • Custom thirst bar
  • Temperature & Heating mechanics
  • Food healing removed
  • New Items & Abilities
  • F3 Debug mode removed in favor of an enhanced Map & Compass system
  • New weapons & Tools
  • New structures, ruins, and randomly generated dungeons
  • New enchantments
  • A myriad of new mobs

Note: The list reflects the views of the writer.

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