5 best Minecraft seeds to find lakes

Image via Juicy Lemon Juice on YouTube
Image via Juicy Lemon Juice on YouTube
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Sometimes, ocean biomes in Minecraft will generate in smaller, landlocked portions, creating lakes.

Lakes can be ideal for Minecraft players with specifically themed build ideas in mind, or those who are looking for scenic places to settle down. Any Minecraft world likely has some sort of lake-like bodies of water scattered throughout, but not all of them are visually striking.

Here are some of the best Minecraft seeds with lakes that players can check out for themselves.

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Five amazing Minecraft seeds with lakes

#5 - Forest with a big lake

Image via Minecraft Seeds
Image via Minecraft Seeds

Seed: -1738069569

This seed was posted on Minecraft Seeds by user Therealfluxery. It features a huge lake with dynamic shapes surrounded by an expansive forest with plenty of trees.

The land around the cool-looking lake has lots of hills and mountainous terrain, making for a dimensional place for builds or living.

#4 - Oldie but a goodie

Image via Minecraft Forum
Image via Minecraft Forum

Seed: 1857677310

This seed was found in Minecraft version 1.8, so it’s a bit outdated but great nonetheless. It was posted on Minecraft Forum by user Malorajan.

The seed has some incredible terrain generation. The lake has two waterfalls and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Within the mountains, there is a hidden cave with a large ravine. At the bottom of the ravine, there is even a mineshaft for players to explore.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Nearby the lake, there is a large forest biome and a village as well.

#3 - A lake of love

Seed: 5742613388566557154

Cords: X; -1009.381 Y; 64 Z; 3247.715

Originally found by Reddit user Quicker__R3kt, this seed has a beautiful, naturally generated little lake in the shape of a heart. While players can always edit a body of water to be shaped however they please, this lake is shaped like a lake prior to any player manipulation.

The shape of this lake can inspire so many different types of builds. This tiny body of water might be ideal for players who appreciate cute world details.

#2 - Monument and more

Seed: 7058081213066623302

Notable coordinates: -4370, -915

This seed was discovered by Soulful Archer on YouTube. It was found on Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.

This seed has lots of unique world generation. Players will spawn near a rare mushroom island biome. Interestingly, just below the spawn point there are dungeons with mob spawners for players to check out. On top of an amazing spawn, there are a plethora of villages nearby with great loot.

The lake aspect of this seed is by far the most interesting, however. Soulful Archer located a lake with an ocean monument right in the middle. This find seems to be quite rare, adding to the impressive nature of this seed.

The lake is a great size for building around as well.

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#1 - Biomes galore

Seed: 2111844826

Minecraft & Chill on YouTube found what might be one of the best lake seeds around. The seed features a huge lake-like body of water surrounded by a whopping seven different biomes.

The surrounding biomes include mushroom fields, badlands, jungle, plains, mountains, snowy tundra, with taiga biomes in the distance.

It’s an incredibly rare occurrence for all these biomes to be directly next to each other, especially given some of them are rare biomes themselves. The lake in the middle ties them all together perfectly.

The cherry on top of this amazing seed is the fact that the middle of the central lake is at the coordinates 0, 0. This world seed is so impressive, it almost appears to be custom made rather than randomly generated.

This seed was found on Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.

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