5 best seeds for Minecraft badlands biomes

Image via DigMinecraft
Image via DigMinecraft
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Finding a rare biome while exploring the Minecraft world is always a fun experience, especially when that biome is a beautiful badlands.

Badlands biomes are also known as Mesa biomes as that is what they were previously named and are still referred to by many Minecraft players. This biome is one that always looks absolutely gorgeous thanks to its sun-kissed color scheme and typical terrain generation.

There is plenty to gain from badlands biomes in addition to their wonderful views. Mesas often have exposed mineshafts naturally generated into the sides of hills and mountains, which are sure to be full of intriguing loot.

Plus, there is a vastly higher chance of finding gold within a badlands biome, so any player who goes mining in a mesa is likely to be rich by the end of it.

On top of all this, the badlands biome is one of the rarest in the game, making it all the more valuable for Minecraft players to experience.

Here are some awesome Minecraft seeds that feature the badlands biome for gamers to try out.

5 great Minecraft badlands biome seeds

#5 - Surrounding Trees and Ice Spikes

Image via DigMinecraft
Image via DigMinecraft

Seed: 4012

This seed conveniently spawns players directly in the mesa biome, which is perhaps an even more rare occurrence than stumbling upon one. Just next to spawn, players will find yet another rare biome: a frozen ocean with beautiful ice spikes.

Plus, this badlands biome also features a wooded badlands plateau, so those who wish to play for survival will have access to plenty of trees nearby.

With this lucky terrain, players are surely in for a stunning and successful Minecraft experience.

This seed is available for Java Edition, specifically 1.16 and possibly previous versions.

#4 - Stronghold spawn


Seed: 1913613885

Not only will players spawn at the edge of where plains meets mesa in this seed, there is also a village conveniently available for players to explore right away.

What makes this seed even more impressive is the stronghold directly under the spawn point. If the rare biome wasn’t enough, the chances of a stronghold occurring at spawn are perhaps slim to none.

Those who enter this world in survival mode will be able to stay within the spawn vicinity until they defeat the ender dragon.

Reddit user manngamania can be thanked for finding this seed. It is available on Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.

#3 - Helpful neighbors


Seed: -7280854709224541065

Reddit user manngamania found and shared yet another incredible badlands biome seed. In this one, the badlands biome is surrounded by incredibly helpful structures and other biomes.

There are two seepage villages close to the mesa, one of which is nearly right at spawn. If players venture to either side of the beautiful badlands terrain in this seed, they will find a large jungle biome, yet another rare biome, and a dark forest biome with an equally gorgeous landscape.

All three of these biomes are next to each other plus the villages make for a great variety of resources.

There is even a ruined portal and jungle temple in this vicinity for players to check out, making this seed well worth its while for Java Edition players.

Manngamania even has a dedicated YouTube channel by the name MinecraftSeedsEveryday where they share some of the coolest Minecraft seeds they find.

#2 - Structures galore

Image via Reddit user LordOryx
Image via Reddit user LordOryx

Seed: 2023267262

In this seed shared to Reddit by user LordOryx, players will not spawn in a badlands biome, but that does not negate the insane amount of perks the seed has to offer.

This world has a whopping 54 structures in total, all within a 2000 block radius from the spawn point. There are 24 villages, 19 desert temples, 5 shipwrecks, 3 dungeons, and so much more.

But most importantly within the surrounding area, there is a beautiful badlands biome that also meets a rare mushroom one. Plus, there is assuredly more where that came from far beyond the 2000 block spawn radius.

This seed has basically everything a Minecraft player could ask for, especially one who loves rare biomes and structures. It is available on Java Edition.

#1 - Massive Mesa


Seed: -777331672

This seed discovered by Reddit user TanishaEileen features perhaps the largest of badlands biomes. Players will spawn near an incredible mesa that appears to go on nearly forever.

The biome has a large amount of water incorporated into it, making for some beautiful lakes and rivers.

The spawn in this seed is right near the village as well, which is always a positive in any Minecraft world. Plus, there are so many other surrounding structures such as a shipwreck and dungeon with a spider spawner.

This seed is undoubtedly great for badlands lovers and those looking for a somewhat typical but fruitful world experience as well.

This seed is available for Minecraft Bedrock edition.

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