5 best Minecraft seeds for miners

Image via u/Hyplosion720
Image via u/Hyplosion720
Manish Kumar Choudhary

As its name suggests, Minecraft has two main aspects: mining and crafting. In this game, players have to collect resources primarily by mining. These resources are used to craft various items.

Some players love to mine aimlessly and gather tons of resources. They can always flex their resources by building beacons with huge pyramids. Using seeds, players can guarantee themselves a great mining loot. Here are some excellent Minecraft seeds for miners.

Five best Minecraft seeds for miners

#5 - Two villages and three ravines filled with a variety of ores

Image via u/Joshuamweb
Image via u/Joshuamweb
  • Seed: -3613420812665321695
  • Version: Java Edition 1.16
  • Coordinates: Spawnpoint

This seed features two villages and three ravines in a plains biome. Players can gather resources from villages and then just go straight to mine in the ravines. In the caves of these ravines, players can discover lots of diamonds in the form of veins. Search for them near lava lakes. There are also other resources in the upper levels of ravines.

#4 - A double diamond ore vein with 13 ores

Image via u/Zelderian
Image via u/Zelderian
  • Seed: 748491044721064344
  • Version: Java Edition 1.14
  • Coordinate: -1234/9/-2269

Diamond ores are mostly found in a single vein per chunk. In rare cases, two diamond ore veins can generate close to each other and form a large ore vein. In this seed, players can find 13 diamond ores at the mentioned coordinates.

#3 - Double diamond vein at spawn

Image via u/Darkreeper116
Image via u/Darkreeper116
  • Seed: 263947499
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.16
  • Coordinate: 63/10/102

This Minecraft seed is similar to the last seed in this article. It is for Bedrock players, and they can find a double diamond ore vein right below their spawn point. Travel to the mentioned coordinates to get some easy diamonds.

#2 - Five Ancient Debris vein

Image via u/Hyplosion720
Image via u/Hyplosion720
  • Seed: 5403920099782033818
  • Version: Java Edition 1.16
  • Coordinate: -548/14/-208

Every Minecraft player knows how rare ancient debris is. It is rarer than diamonds. This valuable resource can only be found in the nether world. This seed features an extraordinary generation of ancient debris veins. Players can find five pieces of ancient debris in one place.

#1 - 17 Diamond ore vein

Image via u/Joyntie
Image via u/Joyntie
  • Seed: 3113466
  • Version: Java Edition 1.16
  • Coordinate: 266/13/-266

This Minecraft seed features a 17 diamond ore vein. By traveling a couple of hundred blocks from spawn, players can find this rare ore. There are also some iron and coal veins near this diamond ore vein.

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