5 best Minecraft seeds for diamonds in April 2021

Seeds can help players have an easier time collecting diamonds (Image via u/GreeedyGuts)
Seeds can help players have an easier time collecting diamonds (Image via u/GreeedyGuts)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

Minecraft's world generation and terrain formation depend on some numbers and letters. Some seeds are rich in resources, while others have rare structures close to spawn. Players can use these special codes, known as seeds, to create a world as per their demands.

Diamonds are among the most sought-after and rarest resources in the game. Many players try to collect as many diamonds as they can in their starting days. Using specific seeds, players can guarantee diamond ores right next to their spawn points. They can try these Minecraft seeds to find diamonds easily.

Five best Minecraft seeds for diamonds

#5 - 17 Diamond ore vein

Image via u/Joyntie
Image via u/Joyntie
  • Seed Code: 3113466
  • Version: Java Edition1.16
  • Coordinate: 266/13/-265

Diamonds usually generate in veins of 4-8 ores per chunk. But, sometimes, two or more veins can develop at chunk borders, becoming larger veins.

In this particular seed, players can find a diamond vein with 17 diamond ores. Using the Fortune III pickaxe, they can almost triple this number.

#4 - 15 Diamond ores

Image via u/GreeedyGuts
Image via u/GreeedyGuts
  • Seed Code: 1577517118
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.16
  • Coordinate: 106/12/-180

Finding good bedrock seeds is difficult compared to the Java Edition. Due to the lack of a spectator mode, players face problems in discovering good seeds. But the Minecraft Bedrock community continues to search for great seeds.

In this bedrock seed, players can find a 15 diamond ore veins at the coordinates mentioned above. There are also some Redstone ores near it.

#3 - Exposed diamond vein underwater

Image via u/bigboypadilla
Image via u/bigboypadilla
  • Seed Code: -1669879887
  • Version:Java Edition 1.16
  • Coordinate: -33/16/220

Ravines are long, deep cracks that generate naturally in Minecraft. This structure often has valuable ores such as iron, gold, and diamonds. Ocean ravines are a great spot to find diamonds since they generate deep underground.

This seed features a ravine with four diamond ores exposed. Players can also find a Minecraft dungeon right next to the ravine.

#2 - Four diamonds in one minecart chest

Image via u/TheTamc
Image via u/TheTamc
  • Seed Code: 1165095126089802575
  • Version: Java Edition 1.16
  • Coordinate: -265/39/62

Instead of diamond ores, this Minecraft seed offers a unique minecart chest. In rare cases, players can find 1-2 diamonds in a loot chest. But, here, players will get four diamonds in a single minecart chest.

There are also other valuable resources in this mineshaft, including spawner and various ores.

#1 - Desert pyramid with five diamonds

Image via u/Akosex
Image via u/Akosex
  • Seed Code: 3264967349209280407
  • Version: Java Edition1.16
  • Coordinate: -356/75/-362

To get some easy diamonds, players have to travel a few hundred blocks from their spawn point. At the mentioned coordinate, they will encounter a desert temple.

Inside this structure, players can find a total of 5 diamonds from four loot chests. There is also an enchanted book and saddle in these chests.

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