How to find desert temples in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Deserts might seem like the worst place for living in Minecraft, but hidden in these sands are rich desert temples.

Desert temples, also known as pyramids, were added to Minecraft version 1.3.1. Searching for these rare structures is a challenging experience. These structures can generate above the game as well as sometimes below the sand. Due to this, players may walk right past a desert temple.

Desert temples are made out of sandstone blocks, chiseled sandstone, and orange terracotta. If some sandstone blocks come out of sand uncommonly, there could be a hidden desert temple underground.

Finding desert temples in Minecraft

As players might guess, desert temples generate only in desert biomes. These pyramid-shaped structures are exclusive to desert biomes. There is no specific way to find desert temples except exploration.

In Java Edition, desert temples generate in desert biomes, whereas in the Bedrock edition, players can find them in desert hills as well.

The best way to find desert temples in Minecraft is by exploring a large desert. To make this process easier, players can use maps. They can right-click on an empty map to create a map of the desert area. And they can also try looking for a desert temple on the map, which will appear in an odd shape and color.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Desert temple seeds can help players get a resource boost right from the start. Players can try some of these desert temple seeds from r/minecraftseeds:

Seed: -1184712211493011748 [Java]

Desert Temple Coordinate: 256 77 58

This seed has a plain village close to the spawn. There is also a savanna village close to the desert temple and the mesa biome in the west direction.

Seed: 15575687409523 [Java]

Desert Temple Coordinate: 20 69 30

In this seed, players can find a desert temple mixed with a village blacksmith house. They can get some iron tools and resources from four chests under the temple.

Seed: 624107090 [Bedrock]

Desert Temple Coordinate: -334 72 -364

Looting a desert temple in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

At the bottom of a desert temple, players can find four different loot chests. These chests may carry many valuable items, including diamonds, gold, enchanted golden apple, and enchanted books. But they must be careful while going down, as there is a deadly TNT trap under the temple.

If a player mines the purple block while standing on it, they will fall on a stone pressure plate that will activate nine TNTs.

The right way to loot a desert temple is by digging the orange terracotta blocks at the corner. After reaching the bottom, players must break the pressure plate.

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