5 best Minecraft servers like Wynncraft

Wynncraft is one of the best known Minecraft servers (Image via Wynncraft)
Wynncraft is one of the best known Minecraft servers (Image via Wynncraft)

With an uptime of over eight years and thousands of daily players, Wynncraft remains one of the most well-known servers in Minecraft.

Gameplay-wise, Wynncraft takes the form of a massively multiplayer (MMO) roleplaying server. Detailed quests and challenges are part of what makes the server so unique, and players must navigate through different realms and provinces throughout a large, finely detailed map.

Listed below are the five best Minecraft servers like Wynncraft that players can check out.

5 fun Minecraft servers that fans of Wynncraft will enjoy

Although no server can truly offer the same immersive experience as Wynncraft, fans may also enjoy these five Minecraft servers with similar features to the Wynncraft server.

5) Purple Prison

Server IP Address:

Purple Prison takes the story of a dystopian prison world controlled by alien overlords (Image via Minecraft)
Purple Prison takes the story of a dystopian prison world controlled by alien overlords (Image via Minecraft)

Regarded as one of the best Minecraft prison servers of all time, Purple Prison is a great alternative to Wynncraft for those looking for a change of pace.

Those looking for intense PvP and a well-balanced economy can rest assured. This server is unlike any other in its class and has amassed a huge following with over 50,000 unique Discord members.

Anyone brave enough to join this server will find themselves following a storyline of escaping an unfamiliar prison world ruled by a hostile alien species.

4) PotterworldMC

Server IP Address:


Calling all witches and wizards! PotterworldMC is a Minecraft server inspired by J.K. Rowling's hugely popular Harry Potter book series.

In terms of gameplay, Wynncraft fans will likely find a lot of overlap on this server. Players can fight in magical duels, complete quests, progress through the ranks of Hogwarts, and even brew mystical potions.

3) Lord of the craft

Server IP Address:


Lord of the craft describes itself as 'radically different' and an 'immersive journey into a genuine medieval fantasy universe.'

Sure, this server may not be suited for everybody, but Wynncraft fans, in particular, are likely to enjoy it due to familiar roleplay mechanics and homage to fantasy elements.

Although Wynncraft players will likely have a lot of fun on this server, it's important to note a few key differences in rules and the expected code of conduct. Gamers must adhere to strict roleplay rules on this server, and breaking character is forbidden.

2) Origin Realms

Server IP Address:


Often described as 'Minecraft v2,' Origin Realms is built on the latest version of Minecraft and sets out to offer an RPG survival experience unlike anything currently out there.

Featuring an immersive world designed from the ground up, Wynncraft players will likely find themselves falling in love with the sheer level of detail sewn into this server and its environment.

No great environment is complete on its own, which is why Origin Realms also offers a plethora of new custom blocks, biomes, and detailed characters. All in all, Origin Realms is a great alternative that fans of Wynncraft will almost certainly enjoy.

1) Hypixel Skyblock

Server IP Address:


To many, Hypixel needs little introduction as the most popular Minecraft server to ever exist. Hypixel offers a multitude of different game types and is known to clock in with an eye-watering 100,000 players during peak hours.

Those familiar with Hypixel will be aware that currently, the most popular game mode on the network is Skyblock. Like Wynncraft, Hypixel Skyblock is also an MMORPG-based game mode.

Upon joining, players spawn on their own island and progress by leveling up and upgrading this island. With many great concepts such as an auction house, bazaar, and a farming-based economy, fans of Wynncraft will almost certainly enjoy playing Hypixel Skyblock.

As previously mentioned, Wynncraft is truly unique, and no other Minecraft server will be identically similar in many elements. That being said, fans will likely have a blast on any of these five servers with similar qualities to Wynncraft.

It's also important to note that this list was compiled based on the views of the author and also from online sources such as Minecraft server lists and public forums such as Reddit.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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