5 best Minecraft sumo PvP servers

Sumo is a highly popular Minecraft PvP game mode (Image via PMC)
Sumo is a highly popular Minecraft PvP game mode (Image via PMC)
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Minecraft sumo is a PvP inspired game mode that has been popularized in recent times thanks to multiple servers and PvP YouTubers.

The objective of Minecraft sumo is simple: players are tasked with knocking their opponent off a ledge in any way possible while avoiding being knocked off themselves.

Players keen to jump into some Minecraft sumo PvP action can check out five of the best sumo servers below.

Most suitable Minecraft servers for sumo PvP

5) Purple Prison (Server IP Address:

Purple Prison is a brilliant server for Minecraft sumo (Image via Mojang)
Purple Prison is a brilliant server for Minecraft sumo (Image via Mojang)

Purple Prison is a PvP server that offers a variety of different gamemodes, including sumo.

Unlike any other server out there, Purple Prison also allows players to create wagered sumo bets against others using in-game money.

With such a wide variety of beautiful sumo maps, Purple Prison is indubitably one of the best places to enjoy Minecraft sumo. Those looking to play sumo on this server can simply join and type: /sumo

4) Lunar Network (Server IP Address:


Lunar is a highly popular Minecraft PvP server owned by Moonsworth LLC, the parent organization that operates Lunar client.

Players can enjoy a variety of different PvP modes on this server including: No debuff, debuff, UHC, Bridges, Soup, Gapple, Archer, Spleef, and of course, Sumo.

Featuring a crispy, low latency server network, Lunar has proven itself to be a great home for all Minecraft PvP gamemodes, including sumo.

3) Minemen Club (Server IP Address:


Minemen club is among the most popular PvP servers within the Minecraft PvP community.

The server offers a variety of features that sets it apart from others, including AntiGamingChair, a notoriously advanced in-house anticheat. This keeps players safe from cheaters and allows them to play with confidence.

With years of uptime and a dedicated community of active players, Minemen club is among the best servers for Minecraft sumo PvP.

2) PvP Land (Server IP Address:


This server has been around for several years and is a one stop shop for everything PvP related in Minecraft. Players on PvP Land can participate in 10 different PvP gamemodes, including Sumo, Nodebuff, Soup, and Archer.

Made popular largely due to its innovative and unique bot-based practice mode, PvP Land is another great choice for not only sumo PvP, but all genres of Minecraft combat.

1) Hypixel (Server IP Address:


As the most popular server in all of Minecraft, Hypixel probably needs no introduction. While offering countless other gamemodes such as bedwars, murder mystery, and skyblock, Hypixel also provides a brilliant and fun sumo PvP gamemode in their "Duels" section.

Despite being far from a flagship gamemode, sumo on Hypixel still has a sizeable community of regular players and remains a fantastic choice to play.

Minecraft players who bear an affinity for sumo PvP can have their pick from these servers. Suffice to say, each one is laden with unique traits and fun mechanics.

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