5 best Minecraft videos by Karl Jacobs

Image via Beano
Image via Beano

Karl Jacobs is an American YouTuber who is closely affiliated with MrBeast, although he has recently branched out into Minecraft and other games within the past year. He joined the Dream SMP and quickly became friends with tons of the Minecraft players there, such as Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap and Quackity in particular.

He began a YouTube channel to upload Minecraft and Among Us videos, and ever since its creation, his channel has become a hit with the fans.

For viewers wanting to explore more of Karl Jacobs and see what his videos are all about, they are detailed down below.

Minecraft Videos by Karl Jacobs

5 - Minecraft, But The World is Round!


Ranboo joins Karl in this Minecraft video, where they try to beat Minecraft while the whole Minecraft world is round. Needless to say, this video is definitely not what fans would expect, as the world quite literally turns as they walk along it, making it a very chaotic yet fun experience. Navigating a Minecraft world is 10x harder when it is not flat, as it can be very disorienting.

This video has 3.4 million views and 213k likes.

4 - Building a City in 1 Hour!


In this video, Karl, GeorgeNotFound, Awesamdude, BadBoyHalo and Fundy work together to build a city on the Dream SMP in under an hour. This video was taken from Karl's stream, and is very entertaining, as the group has to scamble and collect enough resources to create an entire city. At the end, Karl has a surprise for the city, but you'll have to watch to find out what the surprise is!

This video has 3.9 million views and 218k likes.

3 - Minecraft, But The World Is TNT!


In this video, Karl and fellow Minecraft YouTubers and streamers Punz and GeorgeNotFound work together to try to beat Minecraft, which seems normal, except that the entire Minecraft world is made out of TNT. Meaning, if a singular creeper explodes, so will an entire chunk (or more) of the world exploding with it. How will the trio do in a stressful situation such as this one?

This video has 3.9 million views and 219k likes.

2 - Minecraft but everything is OP!


In this video, Karl, Chandler and Nolan play Minecraft, but with a twist. Every item they have is majorly overpowered and they are able to trade with villagers who will also give them overpowered items, such as Karl trading the villager a stick for another stick, but the other stick has knockback. This video is entertaining to watch, and Karl promises his friends that if they defeat the Ender Dragon, he will buy them a prize.

This video has 4.2 million views and 200k likes.

#1 - I met Pokimane!


In this video, fellow Twitch streamer Pokimane joins the Dream SMP in Minecraft. Karl showed her around the Minecraft server, where they encountered fellow Minecraft players such as Punz, Lazar, Sapnap and GeorgeNotFound. The video switches between Karl and Pokimane's point of view, and each were taken from their direct streams and made into this video.

This video has 5.3 million views and 222k likes.

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