5 best Minecraft videos by Tubbo

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Image via Twitter

Toby "Tubbo" Smith is an English Minecraft YouTuber and Streamer who is best known for his time on Dream's Survival-Multiplayer server.

Tubbo has been streaming on Twitch since 2018 and has seen significant growth. When he began streaming, he mostly played Minecraft Skyblock and his own modded SMP series. He was an avid player of SMPEarth, which was unfortunately shut down in April 2020. From there, he was invited onto the Dream SMP, and is very active there to this day.

However, Tubbo also uploads YouTube videos, most of which are highlights from his streams. Listed below are the 5 best Minecraft videos by Tubbo!

Tubbo's most popular Minecraft videos

5) So I Joined Dream's Exclusive Minecraft Server...


The video is a compilation of highlights from Tubbo's stream, where he was initially invited to the well-known Dream SMP series. The video details Tubbo's journey to find out who killed his fish, before being put in jail by his friends TommyInnit and Fundy. Later on, WilburSoot joins the call to chat with them.

This video has 38K likes and 708k views!

4) I found the best Minecraft hacked client...


Tubbo takes viewers through a comparison of paid hack clients and free hack clients within Minecraft. He advises viewers not to use a hacking client when playing Minecraft (or any game), although he does acknowledge that he cannot stop his viewers from doing so. TommyInnit is featured in this video as well!

This video has 27k likes and 722k views!

3) Flying Block Mod with Ranboo is Hilarious!


In this video (taken from a Twitch stream), Tubbo and Ranboo play and mess around with the Flying Block Mod, which entails random blocks flying up into the sky at any moment. The duo's goal is to complete Minecraft while trying to dodge blocks randomly flying up into the air. Did they succeed? There's only one way to find out, and that's to watch!

This video has 125k likes and 1.3 million views, making it the third most popular Minecraft video on his channel!

2) Sky Grid Mod with Tommy is Hilarious!


On a Twitch stream, Tubbo and TommyInnit played Sky Grid. Sky Grid is a mod where the entire Minecraft world appears as a grid rather than a fully generated world. The blocks go all the way to the sky, and all the way down. The goal is to complete Minecraft, but per usual, things go off the handle and end up becoming really chaotic. Ranboo ends up making an appearance later in the video as well!

This video has 198k likes and 2.6 million views!

1) World Falling Mod with Ranboo is Hilarious!


In this stream highlight, Tubbo and Ranboo play the World Falling Mod. This mod makes it so the Minecraft world quite literally falls from the sky! They play on a premade map called "falling falling" and try to collect materials in order to beat the game as blocks of all kinds fall around them. This mod makes playing hard, as they have to dodge incoming blocks so they don't die, while trying to collect materials before they get too buried underneath other blocks.

This is the most popular Minecraft video on Tubbo's channel, with 246k likes and 3.2 million views!

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