5 best Minecraft underground houses to build

Underground house design (Image via IrieGenie)
Underground house design (Image via IrieGenie)

Houses in Minecraft are one of the first things to build in a survival or hardcore world as the players will constantly be under attack by ferocious and bloodthirsty mobs. To protect themselves and their resources, players build starter bases to get their survival journey started.

Minecraft has an enormous number of blocks present in the game, making the possibilities of detail in any sort of build almost limitless. Minecraft builds made out of the pure imagination of players have resulted in countless unique and aesthetically pleasing builds.

Having said that, a good starter house in Minecraft must have a nether portal, enchanting table setup, beds, many chests and barrels as players will be mining a lot in the early phases of surviving the world. All of these are crucial for a starter base as players might upgrade or build new buildings to live in later on.


Top 5 underground house designs for Minecraft

5) Circle-shaped glass design


This type of base has a circular structure with glass on the surface so that players can see through it. Players can also use their choice of the block to join each side and divide the base into different sections from outside and inside as well.

4) Square shaped glass design


These types of bases are similar to the previous one but in a different shape. Players obsessed with edges prefer a square shape over any other and these houses have their own cubed rooms for each section.

3) Secret underground base


The whole base is hidden, and these types of bases can have a secret entrance to hide the player's presence, which can be made using Redstone. Players also build these bases to protect their resources from the rest by hiding them.

2) Ultimate see-through underground base


This innovative base was designed by itsMarloe, who is a well known Minecraft base designer on Youtube. This base meets all the essential requirements for a good starter base and also sports a farm section inside.

1) Split base design


This base design is very similar to the previous one, but every section is split from the other, unlike the previous designs where all of them were open to each other.

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