Top 5 Minecraft house ideas for beginners

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Image via Sportskeeda
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Modified 30 Jan 2021
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Minecraft can be a game about casual relaxation and exploration, as much as it can be about hardcore survival. Survival mode is hugely popular, and sees players taking Minecraft more seriously than ever before. One important aspect of Survival mode, is having a good home base.

Creating a house in Minecraft can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. Thankfully, there are plenty of ideas and videos available to help beginner Minecraft players. These starter houses are simple, stylish, and effective.

5 Minecraft house ideas for beginners

#5 – Large Stone and Wood House

This Minecraft house may look a bit excessive for a beginner, but the tutorial shows that it is quite easy. The home is pretty intricate, but looks amazing. It has two stories with multiple rooms. It even has a garden area underneath. The glass panes make for large windows. Overall, this Minecraft house has a wonderful modern look for beginner players looking to take things up a notch.

#4 – Simple Design and Simple Interior

This starter house for beginner Minecraft players is extremely simple. It's smaller, but very effective. The tutorial video showcases how to create the home, how to decorate it to make it a bit more extravagant, and how to form the interior. While the interior is small, it has enough space to house a bed, chests, and a furnace area. There is even a small pool in front of one of the windows. It really is simple, and the finished home is just plain cool.

#3 – Beautiful Home

This one goes a little above and beyond in terms of Minecraft starter homes. Regardless, the tutorial makes it easy and shows how to build this beautiful home. Complete with stables for horses, a garden, a deck, and even a chimney, this Minecraft house is spectacular. The interior is spacious with room for just about everything a Minecraft player will need. The wooden exterior sees it blend in well with the forest environment it was built in as well.

#2 – Spacious Three Story House

This Minecraft home lacks the extravagance of the other homes on the list, but that is why it is higher up in the number two spot. The home comes with a really unique roof on each level. There are two decks - one on either side of the home. The tutorial shows how to create this spacious house, and how to add some flair on the outside with planters and bushes for decoration. It's a cool way to show that a simple house can be the best option.

#1 – Stylish and Compact

This house is considered extravagant by the tutorial maker, but all in all, it is very sleek and very simple. It is smaller, taking less time than the other Minecraft houses, but has the same purpose. It may even serve that purpose better. It is one storied with a nice wide window to look out of. It leaves room for a furnace, chests, and a bed. This beginner Minecraft house is easy to build, looks great, and keeps the player safe. What more could you ask for.

Published 31 Oct 2020
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