5 best mobs to tame in Minecraft

Minecraft mobs (Image via Minecraft)
Minecraft mobs (Image via Minecraft)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

The infinite world of Minecraft is inhabited by a wide variety of creatures known as mobs. While exploring Minecraft, players are bound to come across passive, hostile, and neutral mobs.

Sometimes, players may get too focused on the dangerous, hostile mobs and forget about all the adorable ones they can tame in Minecraft. Some tamed mobs can be mounted, while others will fight alongside players or just sit and look cute.

Every tameable mob has a unique method for taming. This article lists some of the best tameable mobs and how to tame them in Minecraft.

Minecraft's 5 best tameable mobs

5) Horses


Horses are among the fastest ways to travel in Minecraft. Many players prefer to tame horses due to their rapid movement speed. Some players may think all horses have the same movement speed. But that's certainly not the case.

Their speed can range from 4.74 to 14.23 blocks per second. Players who are lucky enough to get fast horses would definitely prefer to travel on their steed instead of any other modes of transportation.

Horses spawn in plains and savanna biomes. To tame a horse, players will have to mount it with an empty hand. The horse will try to buck off the player, but the player will have to mount it repeatedly till it is tamed.

4) Donkeys

Donkey (Image via Minecraft)
Donkey (Image via Minecraft)

Donkeys lack the agility of horses, but instead, they can be used to store items in Minecraft. Players can attach a chest to a tamed donkey and get 15 inventory slots. In the early game, donkeys are an easy way to move items as shulkers are unavailable.

Players can find donkeys in plains and savanna biomes. Like horses, players can also tame them by repeatedly mounting them with an empty hand.

3) Cats

Army of cats (Image via Minecraft)
Army of cats (Image via Minecraft)

Cats are among the cutest animals in Minecraft. These feline creatures are usually found running around in villages. Very much like their real life counterparts, Minecraft cats do not let players pet them easily.

Wild cats tend to run away from players quite swiftly, similar to foxes. Players will have to catch up to them somehow and quickly feed them fish to tame them.

2) Axolotls

Axolotls (Image via Mojang)
Axolotls (Image via Mojang)

The first release of Minecraft's Caves and Cliffs update introduced the adorable axolotls. They are the first amphibian mob in the game. Technically, they cannot be tamed, but they can be carried in buckets and used against hostile aquatic mobs.

Players can use axolotls to raid ocean monuments or to create a squid or glow squid farm. As axolotls are hostile towards all aquatic mobs except turtles and dolphins, players cannot keep them with other underwater mobs.

1) Wolves

Wolves (Image via Minecraft)
Wolves (Image via Minecraft)

Wolves are one of the oldest Minecraft pets. Most players have come across wolves or at least seen one while playing with their friends. These cute animals spawn in forests, taiga, and wooded hills.

Players can tame wolves by feeding them bones. Tamed wolves will follow their owners and fight alongside them. Players can also use them to farm skeleton mobs as wolves naturally attack skeleton mobs.

Note: The list is subjective and solely reflects the views of the writer.

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