5 best pets achievements in Minecraft Bedrock

Pet achievements (Image via Mojang)
Pet achievements (Image via Mojang)

While strolling in the vast Minecraft worlds, players will find lots of adorable creatures. Luckily, players can tame many of these mobs. Taming mobs is pretty easy as players will usually need a few items to do so.

Owning pets is one of the many things to do in Minecraft. Players can tame animals like horses, cats, wolves, etc., and explore the world together with them.

Many achievements in this game are related to pet-type mobs. Achievement hunters can try to complete these achievements first as they revolve around pets and nothing dangerous.

Pets achievements in Minecraft Bedrock

5) Plethora of Cats


Minecraft has plenty of ridiculous achievements, requiring players to do absurd things. The "Plethora of Cats" is one such achievement where the player has to tame 20 stray cats.

Completing this achievement may not take as long as one may suspect. This is because the game counts cats tamed in other worlds for this achievement as well.

4) The Healing Power of Friendship!

Made a friend!The Healing Power of Friendship! (GOLD)#PlayStationTrophy #PS5Share, #Minecraft

While axolotls aren't completely tameable, players can still carry these adorable amphibians with them. Axolotls are among the new mobs added in the Caves & Cliffs update.

Like wolves, axolotls fight alongside their owner but underwater. When the player and their axolotl kill a hostile mob together, they will get "The Healing Power of Friendship!" achievement.

3) So I Got That Going for Me...


Llamas are some of the mysterious mobs in Minecraft since many players do not know about their unique behavior. Some players may be unaware of the llama-related achievement called "So I Got That Going for Me..."

If a player attaches a lead to a llama, all the nearby llamas will start following that llama. It will create a caravan of llamas, and players will get the "So I Got That Going for Me..." achievement.

2) Leader of the Pack


The "Leader of the Pack" achievement is similar to the "Plethora of Cats" achievement. Instead of 20 cats, players will have to tame five wolves to get the "Leader of the Pack" achievement.

1) Saddle Up

Horses are easily one of the best mobs in the game. After taming a horse, players can ride one using a saddle and travel distances at fast speed. Players will get the "Saddle Up" achievement for placing a saddle on a horse's back.

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