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5 best PVP mods for Minecraft 1.8.9

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
Modified 23 Dec 2020, 10:30 IST
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PVP is a massive aspect of Minecraft gaming, especially for players who enjoy spending time on multiplayer servers.

There are many mods out there that aid players during their PVP battles, each with different uses and functionality. Some are more simple, some give lots of information and feedback, and others can display maps in the corner of the screen, showing players the map's exact layout.

With all of the useful features that many different PVP mods have to offer, Minecraft players will improve their PVP skills in no time.

Top five PVP mods for Minecraft version 1.8.9

#1 - Block Overlay Mod

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The Block Overlay mod is very simple in what it does but has been known to help players learning to speed bridge. It enhances the block that players are looking at, adding an overlay to it.

Gamers can also adjust how large they want the overlay to be, ranging from changing the entire block's color to just adding an outline around the edges.

Download the Block Overlay mod for 1.8.9 here


#4 - Keystrokes

Keystrokes is an excellent mod for players who want to track their CPS during fights. Skystrokes adds a small keyboard to the corner of the screen, showing which keys are being pressed, along with a CPS counter.

This mod is fantastic for players who are filming tutorials, as it shows watchers which keys they have to press.

Download Keystrokes for 1.8.9 here

#3 - 5zig

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

5zig sees a variety of additions in the game, so many that it's hard to list.


This mod adds a fully customizable HUD, the ability to friend and chat with players, capes, plugins, and Discord presence.

Download 5zig for 1.8.9 here

#2 - BetterPVP

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

BetterPVP adds many different features to Minecraft 1.8.9 that are very useful while playing PVP games.

This includes a mini-map, waypoints, keybinds, better spring, toggle sneak, and more.

Download BetterPVP for 1.8.9 here

#1 - LabyMod

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

LabyMod is both a cosmetic and PVP mod for Minecraft. Not only does it ensure many different PVP additions, but players can also buy cosmetics that others with the mod loaded can see.

Download LabyMod for 1.8.9 here

(Disclaimer: This list reflects the personal views of the writer, and it is an individual's choice to select one or the other according to his/her preference)

Published 23 Dec 2020, 10:30 IST
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