5 best seeds for Minecraft jungle temples

Image via Minecraft Village Seeds
Image via Minecraft Village Seeds

Jungle temples are among the many structures in Minecraft that have valuable loot for a gamer to find.

Of course, jungle temples in Minecraft are only found within jungle biomes. While they feature redstone traps that a player must navigate through, they are usually well worth the journey thanks to the loot within the structure.

Many Minecraft players purposely input specific seeds when generating a new world in order to reap the various benefits from a certain seed’s natural generation. This article features a collection of great Minecraft seeds for those in search of great spots for jungle temples.

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5 awesome Minecraft seeds for jungle temples

#5 - Two temples, two villages


Seed: -2877330477235217042

MinecraftSeedsEveryday on YouTube is a great source of incredible Minecraft seeds of all kinds, and they have discovered this awesome jungle temple seed.

This seed spawns players in a huge jungle biome. In it, gamers will find two different jungle temples, one of them being right near the spawn point, the other being directly next to a village. There is even another village not too far from that one.

Not only is the terrain beautiful in this seed, there is also a large amount of loot waiting to be collected between the two temples and the two villages. The coordinates of these great structures are featured in the video above.

#4 - Stronghold jungle temple


Seed: -7865616449849762231

This is yet another seed found by MinecraftSeedsEveryday with some incredible world generation.

In this seed, there is a village and ruined portal not too far from spawn where players can start off with some great loot. Then, after traveling a bit farther, gamers will find a massive jungle biome that bleeds into a dark oak biome with yet another village.

However, these awesome features are not even the best part of this seed.

Within the jungle biome is a jungle temple, and almost directly underneath it is a stronghold. Not only is it the stronghold right there, but the end portal room itself is the closest part of the stronghold to the jungle temple.

This lucky seed was found on Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.5.

#3 - Almost Oasis


Seed: -7000845620747423814

Discovered by mooing_cowmilk on YouTube, this seed has a rare and lucky spawn: right next to a jungle temple. The temple itself is within a small but sizable jungle biome surrounded by nearly nothing but desert for hundreds, perhaps thousands of blocks in every direction.

This wild world generation makes for some breathtaking visuals and is perfect for players who are eager to attempt a survival world with little salvation. Those who wish to take on the challenge of this seed in survival will have to utilize the jungle biome and its temple as their main source of materials.

This seed should work on Minecraft versions 1.13 and beyond, with the exception of 1.15 as the temple seemingly does not spawn with that update.

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#2 - Temple Island


Seed: 190221412068327

This seed discovered by BIGnoob on YouTube will spawn players on or near an incredible, secluded jungle biome island. Not only are there two jungle temples within the island, there is also a ruined portal and a shipwreck in the nearby ocean, all of which with amazing loot.

The video above showcases the coordinates of where to find these awesome places. Given the seclusion of the island, some very interesting lore regarding these abandoned structures can be integrated into a world with this seed implemented.

#1 - Lucky Loot

Image via Reddit user Toktopuss
Image via Reddit user Toktopuss

Seed: -1969652990125137044

Coords: -1353 78 -3513

This seed was discovered by Reddit user Toktopuss on the newest version of Minecraft 1.17.1. This user felt inclined to share this discovery after stumbling upon what is perhaps the rarest find in a jungle temple loot chest ever.

The jungle temple on this seed provides players with incredibly valuable items, including six diamonds, three emeralds, and iron horse armor.

What’s more, there are also at least two other jungle temples to be discovered within the very biome that this one was found.

Gamers who play on this seed will surely get rich fast.

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