5 best trades for XP farming in Minecraft

Trading for XP(Image via Minecraft)
Trading for XP(Image via Minecraft)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

In Minecraft, players can gather experience orbs to increase their XP levels. It is one of the most useful resources, as XP levels are required for enchanting, repairing enchanted gears, and renaming name tags, among others.

Like many other resources, villagers can also give experience orbs to players. Whenever a villager makes a successful trade, it drops XP. Players can trade with multiple villagers and increase their XP levels in no time.

Each trade drops the same amount of XP. But for farming XP via villager trading, players will have to find cheap trades. This article lists some of the best trades for XP farming.

Efficient villager trades for XP farming in Minecraft

5) Sticks

Trading sticks (Image via Minecraft)
Trading sticks (Image via Minecraft)

Sticks have to be one of the most popular trades in Minecraft. Players can sell sticks to fletchers for emeralds and gain some XP easily. Also, this trade is unlocked right off the bat. Players won't have to level up villagers for trading sticks.

Sticks are crafted using wood, which is available almost everywhere in Minecraft. Players can reduce the trade cost and farm sticks at less price to get XP easily.

4) Melons and pumpkins

cool pumpkin farm for infinite emeralds= inf quartz

Both melons and pumpkins can be traded with farmers in Minecraft. After curing a farmer, players can sell one melon or pumpkin for an emerald. Since they are easy to farm, trading melons and pumpkins is a great way to increase XP levels.

After trading, players can buy golden carrots or other items from farmers to get more experience points.

3) Books and bookshelves

Trading books (Image via Minecraft)
Trading books (Image via Minecraft)

Books and bookshelves both trades are connected and are often used for farming emeralds and XP. Players can buy bookshelves from librarians and break them to get books.

These same books can be sold again for emeralds. This way, players can get twice the XP and repeat the process infinitely with a little waiting time.

2) Iron ingots

Iron ingots are the only item tradeable with three different villagers in Minecraft. Players can sell iron ingots to toolsmiths, armorers, and weaponsmiths. With the help of iron farms, players can get tons of emeralds and XP by trading with all three professions.

1) Bottle o' Enchanting


Bottle o' Enchanting is one of the best items for gaining experience points in Minecraft. Since it is a usable item, players can create an automatic contraption to throw these XP bottles and collect all orbs. Players can buy Bottles o' Enchanting from clerics.

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