5 most dangerous blocks in Minecraft

Dangerous blocks (Image via Minecraft)
Dangerous blocks (Image via Minecraft)
Rohan Jaiswal

Minecraft is a sandbox game, and everything in it is pretty much entirely made of blocks. The list of different blocks in the game is enormous, and most of them can be obtained in the survival mode.

However, not all of the blocks are helpful for the player. A handful of blocks in Minecraft will cause damage to the player in certain situations. Here are some of them.

Blocks that should be avoided in Minecraft

5) Powder Snow


Powder snow is a trap block that is naturally generated on snowy mountains, and most entities can fall through them. Falling through a block of powder snow may seem fun, but the player will start to freeze and take damage when inside a powder snow block.

Powder snow cannot be found in version 1.17. It will start generating naturally on the new mountain biomes that will come out with the 1.18 update.

4) Gravel

Gravel (Image via Minecraft)
Gravel (Image via Minecraft)

Gravel isn't dangerous in most situations. However, an annoying issue that players have been facing over the years is that a tall column of gravel would fall on them during mining. This causes the player to get stuck inside gravel and take suffocation damage.

3) Sweet Berry Bushes

Sweet berries in snowy taiga (Image via Minecraft)
Sweet berries in snowy taiga (Image via Minecraft)

Found in different variants of the taiga biome, sweet berries are one of the worst food items in the game because they recover low amounts of health points upon consumption.

When a player steps into a bush of sweet berries, their movement speed is immensely decreased, and they keep sustaining half hearts of damage every 0.5 seconds.

2) Magma blocks

Magma blocks next to an ocean ruin (Image via Minecraft)
Magma blocks next to an ocean ruin (Image via Minecraft)

These are commonly found in the Nether world in the basalt delta biome and Nether waste. Players will also find this unique block in the Overworld close to ocean ruins, ruined portals, and at the bottom of ocean ravines. It can also be crafted using four marma creams.

Even if the player is underwater, standing on a magma block will deal half heart of damage after every tick.

1) TNT

TNT blocks (Image via Minecraft)
TNT blocks (Image via Minecraft)

TNT is an explosive block found in desert temples and woodland mansions. This block will explode when activated using Redstone or a flint and steel. TNT is commonly used as a trap on SMP servers.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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