5 Ender Dragon Facts in Minecraft You Didn't Know

Minecraft Ender Dragon
Ender Dragon facts (Image via Mojang)

Every player's dream is to have one luscious Minecraft Ender Dragon egg resting in an item frame above their bed.

Minecraft's ultimate mob boss has been a fan favorite for many years now. Almost every player out there has defeated this elusive creature at some point in their worlds, and if they haven't, chances are they're actively preparing for the epic battle.

Facts About Minecraft Ender Dragon

1) Resummoning

Summoning the Ender Dragon (Image via Mojang)
Summoning the Ender Dragon (Image via Mojang)

When the player spawns in the end dimension for the first time, an Ender Dragon automatically spawns at 0,0 in the end dimension. But once a player kills the dragon, there is a way to respawn it. If the player places end crystals on each of the 4 sides of the end portal, another Ender Dragon will spawn. This will also regenerate the end crystal towers and iron chains.

If the player manages to summon the dragon in the overworld or Nether, the Ender Dragon will not create an end portal or a dragon egg. The player can still battle the Ender Dragon in these two dimensions though.

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2) Drops

Dragon egg (Image via Mojang)
Dragon egg (Image via Mojang)

When Minecraft Ender Dragon is killed, the drop is incredibly rewarding, as this is where players can obtain their beloved dragon egg. The first time the Ender Dragon is killed, it drops 12,000 experience points, which is capable of carrying a player from level 0 to level 68 with just one fight. Each time afterward, it drops 500 experience points, which will only bring the player from level 0 to level 19.

3) Health

Ender Dragon has huge health bar (Image via Mojang)
Ender Dragon has huge health bar (Image via Mojang)

The Ender Dragon has 200 health points; this is the second-largest health bar in the game, only beaten by the Wither (600 health points in Bedrock, and 300 health points in Java). The Ender Dragon cannot take any health damage from the void at the End, unlike other mobs and the player themself. When the Ender Dragon's health is low enough, it emits a beam of light without dying, as if it's cracked.

4) Notch related trivia


Notch originally wanted to add red dragons to the game, but the idea was scrapped for an Ender Dragon. Developer Dinnerbone is still interested in adding red dragons to the game as rideable and tameable mobs for players.

Notch also named the Ender Dragon "Jean," similar to how he named the main player character "Steve." He also confirmed the Ender Dragon to being a woman. This makes sense since it lays an egg after death.

5) Dragon's attacks

Ender Dragon fight (Image via YouTube & Minecraft)
Ender Dragon fight (Image via YouTube & Minecraft)

Minecraft Ender Dragon only ever attacks the player, and rarely any other entity or mob. The Ender Dragon has a few different attack methods, including Dragon's Fireball, Dragon's Breath, and charge. The player can actually collect the Dragon's Breath attack using right-click and a glass bottle. This can be used to create a lingering potion of harming.

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