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5 uncommon facts about Vexes in Minecraft

A Vex attacking (Image via
A Vex attacking (Image via
Holly Ellison
Modified 23 Mar 2021
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Not many Minecraft players are familiar with the ghost-like mob called the Vex. This mob is rarely seen in gameplay and is most likely to appear during a pillager raid. However, this mob is indeed a very interesting one, and hopefully, in future eras of Minecraft, players will see more of the Vex.

Vexes are spawned by Evokers and are hostile towards villagers, iron golems, and players. They use an iron sword (sometimes a diamond sword) to attack their enemies. When Vexes attack, they glow red and float towards their enemy. Players who have never actually seen a Vex before might be surprised to know these mobs are incredibly tiny, making them even harder to hit at times. Here are five uncommon facts about Vexes in Minecraft.

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5 facts about the Vex in Minecraft

Vex attacking an Iron Golem (Image via YouTube)
Vex attacking an Iron Golem (Image via YouTube)

#1 - Summoning and Spawning

As the game currently exists, only Evokers are capable of spawning Vexes into the game. When an Evoker summons Vexes, they spawn in sets of exactly three each time. The player will know an Evoker is summoning Vexes when it lifts its arms and emits smoke.

#2 - Living Mob

Vexes are quite peculiar; they're ghost-like and can even phase through walls. Despite these facts, Vexes are not actually undead mobs. They're living in some sense, and are not ghosts. It brings up the question: what exactly are Vexes?

The name may give away some of what they are. They are creatures meant to annoy, worry, or bother other beings. This would make sense since the Evoker spawns them to do exactly that to any attacker.


#3 - Addition to the game

Minecraft update that vexes were updated (Image via YouTube)
Minecraft update that vexes were updated (Image via YouTube)

Vexes were first seen in Minecraft Java Edition in 1.11 16w39a with much lower attack damage than experienced today. This was soon changed in the 16w42a update, where Vexes' attack damage increased greatly across easy, normal, and hard game modes.

Vexes have also been added to the Console legacy, Bedrock, Pocket, and Nintendo Editions of Minecraft.

#4 - Passing through blocks

Vexes are capable of passing through any block in the game, and this includes bedrock. If a Vex is spawned close enough to bedrock, they could potentially float on into the void. In pillager raids, Vexes often use this ability to go through walls to get into houses and attack villagers and players.

#5 - Turning on the Evoker

Funny enough, Vexes are not immune to all of the Evoker's attacks. The "Fangs Attack" can damage Vexes, and when this happens, the Vex may turn hostile towards the Evoker, despite being summoned by it. It only takes three hits for the Vex to kill the Evoker. This is the same amount of hits it takes for a Vex to kill a villager.

Published 23 Mar 2021, 00:12 IST
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