5 things players likely didn't know about Piglin Brutes in Minecraft

Piglin Brute (Image via
Piglin Brute (Image via
Holly Ellison
Modified 23 Mar 2021
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Minecraft's Nether dimension is full of dangers and mobs, and one such mob is the Piglin Brute.

Piglin Brutes are a hostile Nether mob, similar to the Piglin breed also found in the Nether. Piglin Brutes are newer to Minecraft, and some players may not know much about them since it's rare to come across one. Here are a few pointers on the hostile nether dweller.

5 lesser-known Piglin Brute facts in Minecraft

Piglin Brutes in Bastion Remnants (Image via
Piglin Brutes in Bastion Remnants (Image via

#1 - Bastion Remnants

Piglin Brutes only spawn upon generation near the Bastion Remnants. They're spawned here to protect the chest and loot around the Bastion Remnants. Once the player kills these Brutes, no more will spawn in the area. Good luck killing them though! The player will likely need some solid armor. The reward for killing a Piglin Brute is immense, as they drop as many XP points as a Ravager.

#2 - Turning into Zombified Pigmen

Piglin Brute vs Zombified Pigmen (Image via YouTube)
Piglin Brute vs Zombified Pigmen (Image via YouTube)

Piglin Brutes are closely related to the less hostile Zombified Pigmen. So closely related in fact, that if the Piglin Brute is brought into the overworld or the end dimension, it will turn into a Zombified Pigman within 15 seconds. The new Pigman will also experience 10 seconds of nausea from this transformation.

#3 - Addition to the game

Piglin Brutes were added to Minecraft Java Edition in 1.16.2 in the 20w27a release. They are the only mob in all of Minecraft to be added in a minor release since Java 1.0. The reason for this is because the Piglin Brutes were developed very late in the 1.16 update, and the developers did not want to add anything new so close to the release date.

#4 - Piglins are hostile

Be carefully slaughtering the Piglin Brutes near regular Piglins, as this will make the Piglins hostile as well.

Piglins are usually neutral to players, and even trade with them, if they are wearing some sort of golden armor. But, if the player attacks a Piglin Brute, all of the surrounding Piglins will become hostile towards the player.

#5 - Piglin Brute Quarks

There is no baby version of the Piglin Brute in Minecraft. Brutes are also not fooled by golden armor like regular Piglins. Brutes do not pick up any items like other mobs in the game. Brutes are only equipped with a golden axe and may drop this axe if killed. Brutes are hostile towards players, Wither Skeletons, and even Withers.

Published 23 Mar 2021
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