5 rarest mobs in Minecraft

Jockeys are pretty rare (Image via /DankFluffyMemes on Reddit)
Jockeys are pretty rare (Image via /DankFluffyMemes on Reddit)

Various creatures called mobs populate the world of Minecraft. They can be divided into three broad categories: passive, neutral, and hostile.

Players can find all three mob types almost everywhere in Minecraft. Depending on their rarity, some mobs frequently spawn, whereas others are pretty rare. Many gamers prefer to collect rare mobs rather than killing them for their drops.

This article showcases five of the rarest mobs found in Minecraft. A lot of them have less than a 1% chance of spawning naturally in the world.

Rarest mobs in Minecraft

5) Brown mooshrooms

Brown mooshroom (Image via Minecraft)
Brown mooshroom (Image via Minecraft)

When talking about the rarest mobs in Minecraft, mooshrooms are naturally included in the list. Most players have seen or heard about red mooshrooms, but only some know about brown mooshrooms.

Mooshrooms can only be found in mushroom fields, one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft. However, they only spawn in red color.

If gamers come across a brown mooshroom, it means a bolt of lightning has struck a red mooshroom, which is pretty rare.

4) Pink sheep

Pink sheep (Image via Minecraft)
Pink sheep (Image via Minecraft)

A natural pink sheep is one of the rarest mobs in Minecraft. 85% of sheep spawn as white sheep in Minecraft.

Only 0.1558% of naturally spawned sheep are pink in color. As for the baby pink sheep, it only has a 0.0082% chance of spawning.

3) Charged creeper

Charged creeper (Image via expectender)
Charged creeper (Image via expectender)

As if creepers weren't already scary enough, Mojang added charged creepers to Minecraft as well. The good news is they cannot spawn naturally.

Like mooshrooms, normal creepers turn into charged creepers when struck by lightning. However, a natural lightning fall on a creeper is scarce, so gamers don't have to worry about a sneaky charged creeper out of nowhere.

2) Skeleton covered with diamonds

In the history of Minecraft, only a few players have found a skeleton covered with diamonds. At high difficulty levels, mobs spawn with armor pieces such as helmets, chest plates, and so on.

Usually, they spawn with leather armor or chainmail. But, in extremely rare cases, they can generate with diamond gear.

1) Jockeys

Rarest mob (Image via u/GNiko324 on Reddit)
Rarest mob (Image via u/GNiko324 on Reddit)

While jockeys aren't exactly a mob, they are a combination of two or more mobs. Due to many possibilities, jockeys are considered one of the rarest mobs in Minecraft.

For example, a baby villager zombie wearing diamond armor and riding a chicken has a 0.000000000000000000000000000000001991202975% chance of spawning, as discovered by u/GNiko324 on Reddit.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author's views.

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