Top 5 rarest structures in Minecraft's Overworld

Rare structures in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Rare structures in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
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In Minecraft, players will come across various pre-built structures. Some of these structures offer valuable loot and resources while others are home to terrifying monsters.

Every structure in the game has a certain rarity level. Minecraft generates structures based on their rarity levels. Structures are usually themed around biomes, if not dimensions.

The Overworld has the highest number of structures than the other two realms. This article showcases some of the rarest structures that can generate in the Minecraft's Overworld. Players who have already found these structures on their own are definitely lucky.

Rare overworld structures in Minecraft

#5 - Ocean monuments

A dried ocean monument (Image via Reddit)
A dried ocean monument (Image via Reddit)

Ocean monuments are massive underwater structures found only in deep ocean-type biomes. They are mainly used for the farming of guardians' prismarine shards and crystals.

Searching for ocean monuments can take a long time as they are quite rare. Players can buy an ocean monument map from a cartographer to find it easily.

#4 - Swamp huts


Swamp huts are small houses rarely found in swamp biomes. Minecraft beginners should be careful around swamp huts as they are home to witches. Players can defeat the witch to get a beautiful black cat and a small house. Sadly, this place won't be a good choice of stay, because night slimes spawn in swamp biomes during the night.

#3 - Strongholds

End portal in stronghold (Image via Minecraft)
End portal in stronghold (Image via Minecraft)

Strongholds are one of the rarest structures in Minecraft. All players will have to find a stronghold to get to the end realm. Inside the stronghold, players can find libraries, a portal room and various loot chests. Players can locate the nearest stronghold by throwing the eyes of ender.

#2 - Woodland mansions

A woodland mansion (Image via Minecraft wiki)
A woodland mansion (Image via Minecraft wiki)

As its name indicates, woodland mansions are massive structures made of wood, cobblestone and other materials. It is one of the biggest structures in Minecraft. Woodland mansions usually generate in dark forest biomes. However, not every dark forest has a mansion in it.

Woodland mansions generate thousands of blocks away from spawn. They can reach a distance of more than 15,000 blocks from a spawn point.

#1 - Fossils

An Overworld fossil (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
An Overworld fossil (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Fossils are so rare that some players do not know they can generate in the Overworld. Only a few lucky individuals have come across a fossil in the Overworld. Fossils are pretty common in the soul sand valley of the Nether realm. There is only a 1/64 chance of fossils generating in deserts or swamps.

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