Minecraft Ocean Monument: Everything players need to know

Just wow (Image via Minecraft)
Just wow (Image via Minecraft)

Ocean Monuments are one of the most menacing structures in all of Minecraft.

These rare structures are massive in size and contain hostile mobs swimming around and inside! If players are planning on exploring an Ocean Monument, they must prepare accordingly.

Minecraft Ocean Monument: Everything players must know

Where to find an Ocean Monument

Who would live here? (Image via Minecraft)
Who would live here? (Image via Minecraft)

Ocean Monuments can found in the following biomes:

  • Deep Ocean
  • Deep Frozen Ocean
  • Deep Cold Ocean
  • Deep Lukewarm Ocean
  • Deep Warm Ocean

Gamers can find these biomes by traveling far offshore. While they may easily find a Deep Ocean biome, it won't be as easy finding the Ocean Monument!

Players are recommended to travel at night, as the monument's lanterns will be easier to spot.

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Eye see you! (Image via Minecraft)
Eye see you! (Image via Minecraft)

What are those mobs?!

The mobs shown above are called Guardians.

Guardians are a hostile mob that shoot lasers out of their eyes. This laser charges for two seconds and then shoots at the player doing six hearts of red damage.

The laser will do an additional one heart of magical damage (bypasses armor) if the player is on Normal difficulty.

When their spikes are extended, Guardians will damage the player each time they are hit using its thorns.

Woah... (Image via Minecraft)
Woah... (Image via Minecraft)

What's inside of the Monument?

Along with the regular guardians, Elder Guardians also spawn. They are massive guardians that seem to be made of stone. This giant fish has a powerful laser attack that does eight hearts of damage if fully charged.

The laser will attach to players and follow them, and if they can't move out of range or behind a block before it fully charges, they will regret it!

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The Elder Guardian (Image via Minecraft)
The Elder Guardian (Image via Minecraft)

An Elder Guardian will also inflict the player with Mining Fatigue every 60 seconds. This will make it hard to break out of the Monument and flee.

Much like the regular guardian, the Elder Guardian has a thorns effect, dealing two damage in Normal mode (three on hard). Players are recommended to bring Protection and Respiration enchanted armor to deal with these guys.

What about the loot?

The rare "Sponge Room" (Image via u/bohemianbear on Reddit)
The rare "Sponge Room" (Image via u/bohemianbear on Reddit)

Ocean Monuments have some of the best loot in Minecraft!

Here is a list of the possible loot:

  • Sponges (from Elder Guardian, Sponge Rooms)
  • Prismarine Blocks
  • Sea Lanterns
  • Gold Blocks (eight can be found in the uppermost room, along with an Elder Guardian)
  • Dark Prismarine Blocks

Sponge rooms (seen above) are rare rooms found within the monument. These rooms can contain up to 30 wet sponges! These sponges can then be dried in a furnace and used to absorb water (good for underwater bases).

Gamers will also complete the "The Deep End" achievement if they manage to defeat an Elder Guardian.

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