7 most popular texture packs for Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft's texture packs can radically overhaul the visual experience of the game (Image via u/itsmatteorizzo)
Minecraft's texture packs can radically overhaul the visual experience of the game (Image via u/itsmatteorizzo)

Texture packs in Minecraft are a great way for players to customize the game further. Texture packs have the ability to change the textures, audio, and models of the game. This can be done by uploading a texture pack folder to your game's resource pack folder.

There are tens of thousands of texture packs out there, and it can be hard to choose the perfect one. Listed below are seven of the most popular texture packs that are well-loved by the community.

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7 most popular Minecraft texture packs (2022)

7) Wayukian


Wayukian is a texture pack that is growing in popularity, and players don't want to miss out on it. This pack brings an interesting element of darkness and horror to the game, which is great for adventure map creators and builders. This pack is fully up to date and is optimized for version 1.18.2.

Download Wayukian here!

6) X-Ray Ultimate


X-Ray texture packs are a very common occurrence in the modding community. These texture packs make blocks like stone, dirt, and gravel invisible so that players can see where ores are while mining.

A lot of players consider these texture packs as cheating, which is taboo in the community. Make sure to use this pack at your own risk while on servers because you might get banned.

Download X-Ray Ultimate here.

5) oCd


oCd is a texture pack that has been in the community for years and still gets frequent updates. This pack brings a fun, cartoonish look to Minecraft by making the blocks resemble Legos. This pack is great for kids and those looking for a simpler visual presentation in the game.

Download oCd here.

4) Conquest


Conquest is a texture pack for version 1.18.1. This pack gives the game a very medieval look, which would be great for castle builds. This texture pack is growing quite a lot and is making its way through the community. The pack is available in 32x32 resolution.

Download Conquest here.

3) Sphax PureBDCraft


Sphax PureBDCraft is yet another texture pack that has been in the Minecraft community for many years. The creators of this pack were inspired by the artistic style of comic books and wanted to bring it to the game.

The pack is extremely detailed and is perfect for those who love a cartoony feel. This pack is also available in multiple different resolutions.

Download Sphax PureBDCraft here.

2) Chroma Hills


Chroma Hills is an RPG texture pack with a cartoon feel. This pack has been in the Minecraft community since 2012, and it is well-loved. This pack is great for builds and adventure maps that are medieval-themed.

This pack comes in a 64x resolution and a 128x resolution, with a 32x variant in the works for those with weaker systems.

Download Chroma Hills here.

1) Faithful


Faithful has been an all-time favorite for many players for quite a few years. Faithful is great for those who do not want to stray too far from the normal look of Minecraft. Faithful basically takes vanilla textures and upscales them to a higher resolution. It's elementary yet effective.

Download Faithful here.

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