Anvil in Minecraft: Everything players need to know 

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, anvils are a very important tool that players will find resourceful on their journey. Anvils are commonly found inside village houses. Players can also craft their own anvil.

Anvils are crafted using three iron blocks and four iron ingots. Players will need nine iron ingots in order to create one iron block. So in reality, players will need 31 iron ingots to craft this item. (27 for the iron blocks and the additional four)

Anvils are kind of similar to grindstone, but anvils are a little more useful then they are. Anvils will last a pretty decent amount of time. Players will be able to get about 24 uses out of them before they are destroyed.

In this article, players will learn everything they need to know about anvils in Minecraft!

What is an anvil used for in Minecraft?

Enchanting items

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

Anvils are mostly used by players to enchant equipment by using enchanted books. Players can find glowing enchanted books located around the Minecraft world, but those books don't work on an enchanting table.

Players will need to place the books inside an anvil to enchant the equipment. Some enchantments require an anvil to be placed on tools anyways. Certain enchantments cannot appear on enchanting tables, so players will have no choice but to use an anvil.

One of the best enchantments in Minecraft that requires an anvil is Mending. Players will never find this enchantment on an enchanting table, and it can only be found as a treasure item inside of an enchanted book.

Enchanting using an anvil will still cost the player enchantment levels, the only difference is that players will not have to have lapis lazuli in order to enchant using an anvil.

Repairing Items

(Image via Minecraft Fandom)
(Image via Minecraft Fandom)

Players can also use an anvil to repair items in Minecraft. Players will need to combine the same type of material in order to repair it. For example, players cannot repair a diamond pickaxe using an iron pickaxe.

Repairing items using an anvil is pretty easy. All players have to do is place the first item in the left box and the second item in the middle box, and the output will be on the right side.

For example, if the player wishes to repair a diamond sword, they will need to place the broken sword on the left side of the anvil, the duplicate diamond sword in the middle of the anvil, and the single fixed sword will be in the output box on the right.

Naming items

(Image via Minecraft Fandom)
(Image via Minecraft Fandom)

Players can use an anvil to name items or mobs by using a name tag. Players can rename weapons, armor, and other items in the game using the anvil. Players can also name mobs.

Players will need to place a name on the nametag before they are allowed to place it on a mob. Players can do this using an anvil, and it will cost at least one level of enchantment.

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