5 best ways to find diamonds in Minecraft pocket edition 

(Image via IGN)
(Image via IGN)

In Minecraft, players can use enchantments to make it easier to mine things such as diamonds. Diamonds are one of the rarest ores to get in Minecraft, and they are also the best ore to get.

Players can use diamonds to make weapons, armor, and other important items in the game. Diamonds can usually be found inside caves and ravines from y level 16 and below. If players are lucky, they may also find diamonds inside village chests.

Diamonds will make the strongest weapons and armor in Minecraft. Netherite is the strongest weapon & armor, but players will have to first craft diamond equipment before making it Netherite.

Diamond items must be upgraded to Netherite, and no other item variant can become Netherite except diamonds. Players can also place enchantments on diamond items to make them stronger.

Diamonds are even used to craft enchanting tables in Minecraft. Players will need four obsidians, two diamonds, and one book in order to craft an enchanting table. Players will also need a diamond pickaxe to get obsidian unless they get lucky and find it in a chest at a broken portal.

Players can also place enchantments on weapons to make mining diamonds easier, or to increase the amount of diamonds that are dropped.

In this article, players will learn 5 easy ways to find diamonds in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Easily get diamonds in Minecraft pocket edition


1) Enter Seeds

(Image via DigitalTrends)
(Image via DigitalTrends)

Entering seeds is one of the best ways to get lots of diamonds in Minecraft. Players can find seeds that naturally generate a lot of diamonds. Players can find seeds where diamonds are right near the spawn as well.

Players can generate seeds where diamonds are inside village chests, or inside of shipwreck chests nearby.

2) Caves

(Image via PCgamesn)
(Image via PCgamesn)

Diamonds can commonly be found inside caves in Minecraft. Diamonds are seen a lot in caves, and this is one of the most common places for players to look for the rare ore.

Diamonds are usually at the bottom of the cave, and they spawn in clusters of 1-10. Players will notice the diamonds by their light blue glow on the block.

3) Ravines

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Another common place for players to find diamonds is inside ravines. Ravines are similar to caves, except they are must bigger and deeper. Ravines are like large cracks in the world that lead underground.

Players will need a water trail to get down into a ravine, or they will need something to climb down or fall softly onto. Players cannot just jump straight into a ravine without dying to fall damage.

4) Look in low levels

(Image via pcgamesn)
(Image via pcgamesn)

Diamonds are usually located in Y levels 16 and below. Players have also noticed that diamonds tend to be near lava a lot inside caves. Players should look at low elevations and look in surrounding areas where lava is present.

5) Fortune

(Image via gamepur)s
(Image via gamepur)s

Once diamonds are located, players should mine them with a pickaxe enchanted with fortune. Fortune increases the amount of ore that is dropped when mined with the enchanted pickaxe.

Players will get lots more diamonds than they would with an unenchanted pickaxe, making it easier for them to diamond farm.

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