Top 5 uses of seagrass in Minecraft

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In Minecraft, seagrass is a common find in rivers, underwater caves, swamps and ocean biomes. It is a non-solid plant block that can be harvested with shears. Harvesting with other tools or an empty hand will result in nothing being dropped.

Sometimes, seagrass can generate on gravel in Minecraft, however it is rare and depends on the water source surrounding the gravel.

Seagrass can be used for a few different things. Read on for five uses of seagrass in Minecraft.

Innovative uses for Seagrass in Minecraft


1) Composting

When using a composter, a player can input certain items, like bones, to create bonemeal. Bonemeal can be used in Minecraft to grow things, especially crops, in a garden. If a player places harvested seagrass in a composter, it can up the level by one.

2) Protection from mob spawns

Mob spawning is something every player comes across in Minecraft unless creative mode is enabled. If a player has seagrass surrounding their house, property or room, mobs are less likely to spawn, if at all. They can protect players from the mobs in Minecraft.

3) Breeding turtles

Turtles are a rare breed in Minecraft, mostly found on beaches or sand biomes. They can be leashed by leads and kept in a fenced area to breed. In order to breed turtles, a player can feed them seagrass, which will cause their health to go up, which will in turn cause them to breed. This is the same with all animals on Minecraft.

Seagrass can also be fed to baby turtles to help them grow quicker.

4) Fuel for Player

Seagrass can be dried in Minecraft to be fuel for the player. To dry seagrass, a player will need an oven or a smoker and fuel, such as coal, for both. Placing seagrass in the oven or smoker and letting it cook will dry it out, which the player can then use to replenish their health quickly.

5) Decoration

There are not many uses for seagrass in Minecraft just yet, but one of the uses can be simply decoration. While seagrass can only be planted in water, with at least two water blocks high from the planting block, it cannot be planted on grass or stone blocks.

Seagrass may be a newer addition to both Bedrock and Java Minecraft versions, but its uses are always changing and updating. Be sure to use shears when harvesting it in order to use it for what you would like in the Overworld in Minecraft.

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