How to get barrier blocks in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft Mods
Image via Minecraft Mods

Barrier blocks in Minecraft are items that are used as barricades, and the good thing about them is that they are unbreakable. Players can use these blocks to protect a specific region from other entities in the world.

These items are little red square blocks that have a cross going horizontally down them, hinting players not to try to cross beyond the point of the blocks. These blocks are also invisible at times.

Barrier blocks are indestructible, but sometimes players are able to bypass this due to a glitch, and they can be broken at times. Players should immediately fix it if this is seen.

Here's how players can get barrier blocks in the game.

What should players do to get barrier blocks in Minecraft?

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To get barrier blocks in Minecraft, players must enable cheats when first creating a world. This is because barrier blocks can only be obtained using commands.

Players will have to use a command called the "give command" in order to get barrier blocks. They will need to type in the command started with /give first. Players must type in how many barrier blocks they desire in the command.


Barrier blocks have much more blast resistance in Minecraft because technically, they are a "cheat." This is what really makes them indestructible.

What barrier blocks provide the player

Image via Minecraft Mods
Image via Minecraft Mods

Barrier blocks supply players with a safe and secure location to store their materials. If a player wants to hide certain materials or tools from other players, barrier blocks are the way to do it.

Using these will prevent other players from being able to steal the items, and the player will also not have to worry about creepers blowing up a specific area that is important to them or other mobs destroying it.

Players can also use these blocks as a bridge walkway. As shown in the image above, barrier blocks can serve as a bridge to cross long gaps. Players will not have to worry about the blocks breaking while they are in the air, so they know they have a safe passageway.

What to be careful of

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Players should keep in mind that barrier blocks are unbreakable unless there is a way to bypass them. Once the blocks are placed, players will not be able to take them up unless there is a specific command for that.

It is essential to place the blocks in the desired location and make sure that the whole area of the region that requires protection is covered. Players should also ensure they at least leave some entrance to the barricaded items.

Players should either make a secret entrance or leave a few blocks off to make it possible for them to still reach the barricaded items. They would not want to lock themselves out of their items.

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