Creeper vs Ocelot in Minecraft: How different are the mobs?

Creeper scared of ocelot Minecraft (Image via hypixel)
Creeper scared of ocelot Minecraft (Image via hypixel)
Holly Ellison
Modified 02 Apr 2021

Creepers have been around in Minecraft since the very early days of the game, and ocelots have been around for quite some time as well.

Creepers are deadly and feared mobs in the game, and ocelots are quite friendly with players.

Here is everything different and similar between creepers and ocelots in Minecraft.

What makes Creepers and Ocelots different in Minecraft?


Minecraft ocelot (Image via
Minecraft ocelot (Image via

Creepers and ocelots don't have a lot in common when it comes to their appearances.

Creepers are speckled green mobs that stand about two blocks high. They roam around on four tiny legs, with mostly rectangular bodies besides their slightly protruding heads.

Ocelots, on the other hand, are much smaller. They are a mix of tan and yellow in their appearance. These mobs are a little less than one block high and about two blocks long. They walk on four legs and look like larger versions of cats.

History in the game

Creepers and ocelots have a very different history in Minecraft. Creepers were an unintentional bug that developers left in Minecraft.

They started as a bug error for pigs, but since fans liked them so much, the developers left them in the game. The first edition to have creepers in Minecraft was Java Edition Classic, even before the Indev version of Minecraft.

Ocelots, on the other hand, were added completely intentionally to Minecraft in the 1.2.1 update. The mobs were created to be like cats, but the developers made a distinction between the two later in development.


Creepers and ocelots showcase very different behavior, especially towards players. The only behavior they have in common are their extremely quiet and elusive movements.

Creepers are hostile mobs that attack players in Minecraft. Creepers are known to sneak up on players from behind and explode once within a certain distance. This is their only true purpose in Minecraft. When they're not near a player, they tend to wander.

Ocelots are a passive mob in Minecraft. These mobs are untrusting of players at first, but instead of attacking, they tend to run away. Players must feed ocelots raw fish to gain their trust. Once the player gains the ocelot's trust, they will not despawn. Without player interference, ocelots go about their days catching fish and roaming jungles.

Creeper and Ocelot interactions

In vanilla Minecraft, creepers stay six blocks away from ocelots for unknown reasons. If the ocelot goes towards the creeper, the creeper will move away and try to flee the situation. The only time a creeper will get closer than six blocks is if it's detonating near a player.

Who would win in a fight?

Creeper Minecraft (Image via wallpapercave)
Creeper Minecraft (Image via wallpapercave)

Most players would guess that creepers will win in a landslide victory against the ocelot, although it is highly unlikely and maybe even impossible for these two to fight in vanilla Minecraft.

Creepers don't target peaceful mobs like ocelots in Minecraft. If a creeper were to kill an ocelot, it would be by accident. Since creepers also avoid ocelots, it'd be extremely difficult to get these two to fight in vanilla Minecraft conditions.

If a creeper and ocelot were set up to fight, the creeper would blow up and inflict lots of damage on the ocelot from the explosion. This would make things a little dicey since the explosion kills the creeper as well.

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Published 02 Apr 2021
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