5 best Minecraft Java servers to play minigames on

Minecraft minigame servers dominate the multiplayer scene
Minecraft minigame servers dominate the multiplayer scene
Edward Hays
Modified 30 Jan 2021
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Unique, well made minigames have been one of the most popular features of some of the biggest Minecraft servers on the planet.

They have been a solid part of Minecraft multiplayer over the years, with hundreds of thousands of players enjoying dedicated minigames servers on a monthly basis.

Some of the most popular Minecraft minigames in current times include: bedwars, block hunt, eggwars, TNT tag, murder mystery, survival games, draw thing, build battle and a myriad of others.

Minecraft minigame servers are constantly striving towards developing new and cutting edge minigames to set them apart from the competition. The best Minigame servers normally have a wide array of unique and custom developed maps also available for players to enjoy.

Note: This list is not definitive, and only merely reflects the writers opinion. The list is also in no particular order.

The best 5 Minecraft minigames servers for players to join

#1 Mineplex IP:

Mineplex is a long standing Minecraft minigames server and remains extremely popular, attracting thousands of players on a daily basis. The server features over 13 different and unique minigame types.

The most popular Minigames on the Mineplex server includes: Arcade, Block Hunt, Bridges, Cake Wars, Champions, Draw Thing, Master Builder, Minestrike, Skywars, Speed Builders, SSM and Survival Games.

#2 Hypixel IP:

Hypixel is actually the most popular Minecraft server in existence, by a very long margin too. The server boasts a mindboggling playercount of above 100,000 players at most times of the day, and with good reason too.

Hypixel currently has over 135 unique Minigames on their network, some of the most popular among players includes bedwars, murder mystery, block hunt, walls, TNT tag and build battle.

#3 CubeCraft IP:

CubeCraft is another long standing and great Minecraft server with a large variety of minigames to play. The server actually supports both Minecraft Java edition and Minecraft Bedrock edition versions, meaning players can connect to the server with their preferred version of Minecraft.

The new "Among Slimes" Among Us inspired minigame, developed by CubeCraft, has become a hit among its players. The game sets out to bring the hugely popular imposter based detective game into the blocky universe of Minecraft.

The server also offers gamemodes such as Eggwars, Lucky Blocks, SkyWars, BlockWars, MinerWare and Survival Games for players to enjoy.

#4 Purple Prison IP:

Purple Prison is another great Minecraft server that is at the top of a dedicated Minecraft minigames server list that can be found here. This website specifically highlights the top Minecraft minigame servers.

The Purple Prison server specifically features the Minigames of parkour, maze run and kit-pvp within the server. Upon joining, players can type /kit pvp right away for a kit-pvp minigame. They can also type /warp parkour to complete a parkour game and /warp maze to beat a maze.

Purple prison is unique among every other server listed here, as completing these minigames will allow players to receive rewards that can then actually be used to their advantage within the main prison based gamemode.

#5 MC Central IP:

MC Central is a pretty popular Minecraft hub server that offers a large variety of regular and classic gamemodes, such as survival, factions and skyblock.

That being said however, MC Central also offers a good selection of Minecraft minigames; 8 different types to be precise. Players can play minigames such as skywars, team skywars, survival games, capture the flag, speedy walls, champion builder, cakewars and murder mayhem on the server.

Published 30 Jan 2021
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