5 best Minecraft seeds for single player in 2021

(Image via Pinterest)
(Image via Pinterest)

Minecraft is a huge game with many different things players can do within the world. Minecraft worlds are so large, it is hard for players to discover every part of it, and nearly impossible.

Minecraft seeds are codes that players can enter that generate a unique world that the player will spawn in. To enter a seed, the player will need to go to the seed box when they are in the create a world menu, and type in a series of characters. Even one number off can spawn a player in a different world, so players should be attentive when typing in seed numbers.

Putting in a seed number can be very helpful to a player, thus it can spawn a player in a world near many caves, ravines, or villages that can provide resources for the player.

Here are the top 5 seeds for a single player in Minecraft!

5 Best Minecraft Seeds for Singleplayer

Ravine and Stronghold

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Seed Number: 2065486297

Players who enter this Minecraft seed will spawn somewhat close to a village. The village will be abandoned, so there will be no traders & villagers here.

Players should be really careful when mining downward in the village because under it is what is so special. Under the village there is a hidden ravine which not only has a lot of loot, but leads to a stronghold.

A stronghold contains a lot of loot which can be resourceful to the player such as apples, redstone, iron, books, and sometimes even a clock.

Pillager Outpost

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Seed Number: 572779209

When players enter this seed from their Minecraft menu, they will spawn right near a village, where players can find a lot of armor, and sometimes even swords. The best part about this seed is that there is not only a village that the player spawns near, but next to the village is a pillager outpost. By killing the leader of the pillager outpost players can obtain a bad omen. With this omen, if players enter a village it will cause a raid to start.

The raids are good because if the player finishes the raid they can obtain the totem of undying which protects them from dying.

Diamonds and Stronghold

(Image via Minecraft Wiki)
(Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Seed Number: 823486800

In this seed players will spawn right next to a ravine that is leading into a village. Not only can the village provide food and sometimes armor to players, but the ravine inside of it is the best part.

Inside the ravine there is a stronghold where players can find a lot of good loot inside, and if they get enough ender eyes, even activate the portal. This ravine also has a lot of easy to find diamonds at the bottom of it.

This ravine is very good for finding diamonds, and players can find other good materials inside of it as well. Another awesome thing about this seed is that it contains a Pillager outpost not too far from the first village.

Wishing Well

(Image via Mystical Sausage on Twitter)
(Image via Mystical Sausage on Twitter)

Seed Number: -1813745601

This is one of the easiest Minecraft seeds to find a stronghold. This seed spawns players not too far away from a village that looks very ordinary, but in reality it is not so ordinary.

This village looks like a normal village with farms & houses, but if the player walks over to the well in the village, and digs straight down, it will lead right to a strong hold!

Badland Spawner

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Seed Number: 1915631036

When players enter this seed, they will spawn across from a badlands biome. When entering the badlands biome, there will be a mob spawner just sitting out in the open.

Once the player moves from the spawner, there is a ravine not too far away from it. Inside the ravine there is a dungeon inside that has another spawner in it.

This Minecraft seed is good for players who are trying to get their XP levels up thus the XP spawners inside of it.

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