Best ways to get ender pearls in Minecraft

An ender pearl can be used to teleport in Minecraft (Image via WIIFEROZ/YouTube)
An ender pearl can be used to teleport in Minecraft (Image via WIIFEROZ/YouTube)

Ender pearls are one of the most important items in Minecraft and serve as a crafting component for the eyes of ender.

Most people endeavor to beat it, at least at some point during their journey in-game. To beat Minecraft, players will need to get their hands on some ender pearls to craft some eyes of ender.

Ender pearls are a relatively rare item and can be obtained by killing enderman mobs, trading with expert-level cleric villagers or by bartering with piglins. The fastest and easiest way to acquire said pearls depends heavily on which version of Minecraft one has decided to play.

This article will break down the best ways for Minecraft players to acquire ender pearls across various popular versions and patch updates of the game.

How players can get ender pearls in Minecraft

Those who are playing the most updated version of Minecraft have a handful of different ways to get ender pearls.

The fastest way to get them is by bartering with piglins. Piglins are mobs who reside throughout the various biomes of the Nether. They will be hostile to players on sight, unless players are wearing at least a single piece of golden armor.

However, these mobs are incredibly useful as players can exploit their love of gold for their own personal game. When a piglin sees a gold ingot on the ground that was placed by a player, they will immediately pursue it.

After spending a few moments inspecting it, they will spit out one of 18 different items. One of the items that piglins can give in return for the gold is an ender pearl.

Ender pearls have a fairly low chance to be obtained, but gold trading with piglins is, by far, the fastest method to get a bunch of ender pearls.

This is the technique that essentially every Minecraft speedrunner uses for 1.16 Any% Random Seed Glitchless. However, players do not need to be Minecraft pros in order to take advantage of this method.

Minecraft players who are playing on an older version between 1.9 and 1.15 will want to trade with expert-level cleric villagers instead. These villagers have the potential to sell an ender pearl for five emeralds per pearl.

The villager trading method is actually quite fast, as players can farm out other items in large quantities that can be sold for emeralds such as wood logs.

Any player who is playing on a version of Minecraft that was released before 1.9, will need to get ender pearls the old fashioned way: killing endermen mobs.

These mobs can be found at night or in areas of Minecraft's Overworld with a light level of seven or less. As a fun fact, endermen are actually the only mob that can be spawned in all three dimensions of Minecraft.

Players who have already made it to the End will be able to find them frequently on end islands and the Ender Dragon boss platform.

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