Black dye in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang
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Black ink in Minecraft results from players taking a wither rose or an ink sack to a crafting table. One ink sack or one wither rose will give a player one black dye. That dye can then be used in a cauldron with water to dye other things such as beds or leather armor. Minecraft black dye can also be used when designing a banner on a loom.

Black dye in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Minecraft black dye is an item that players can use to change and customize different things.

A player can dye their leather armor black by putting some of the dye in a cauldron. The players can then dunk each piece of leather armor they want to dye into the black water in the cauldron.

Each dunk lowers the water level in the cauldron. If they want to change the color or get rid of any leftover dye water, players need to add more water to the cauldron. The same process is used when dying beds.

Players that are designing their own banners can use black dye without diluting it in a cauldron. The loom only needs a banner, the dye the player wants to use, and a pattern. Players can also dye glass, terracotta, shulker boxes, and more on a crafting table.

The dye can also be directly added to sheep for players in need of black wool. The sheep's wool will not grow back the same color that it was dyed. Using dye on a tame wolf will change its collar's color.

Firework stars can be made out of any color dye and gunpowder on a crafting table. A black firework star can be used to craft a firework rocket in Minecraft for a black firework.

Black fireworks are great for players that are not using the daylight cycle in Minecraft. Black dye also plays a part in crafting dark prismerine blocks, shades of gray dye, and more.

Players can sell their black dye to villagers for emeralds. Villagers doing Shephard's jobs can buy the dye from players.

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